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The new "buyer requests" offer proposal rocks! Thank you Fiverr

Just wanted to give heads up to everyone to test out the new Buyer Requests offer proposal, where you can actually send a custom message to the buyer and a offer combined from extras tailored for their request.

I’ve seen this on mobile before, now available on desktop and it’s awesome feature. I truly hope it will stay around since we can finally “sell” our offer to the buyers with a short pitch of 200 words.

Thank you Fiverr!


Yep!!! It really rocks! Thank You so much Fiverr!!

I DISAGREE. Fiverr only got it half right.

I like the idea of letting me send a custom message to a potential Buyer.

What I HATE is – I am somehow now supposed to put a price point upfront on what I am willing to do their job for without full and complete information I need to know on exactly what their job is asking for.

If Buyers and Sellers could just talk and negotiate like we do in real life then Fiverr would be a much better experience for everyone.

Fiverr, stop trying to control and monetize everything.

Reply to @anigrams:

Perhaps your services require more information to combine a price - I understand. BUT it’s much better than sending a $5 offer like before.

You can always put a ‘standard offer’ to them and than require addons if they need more work OR tell them to contact you before purchase. So , it’s still a win-win.

Reply to @anigrams:

now you can also send message to client regarding this if you want any type of discussion you can message to them.

please can you direct me on where to find “buyer request” in this updated version of fiverr

@ verbalwriterOn you desktop click on more you will see buyer request there.

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that is the problem because there is no option of more

Contact CS they will help you in this problem.