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The New Check Box When Buyers Buy


Do not know if you all saw, but Fiverr add an interesting box buyers have to check before buying. Read it and share your thoughts! See the image.

Partial Refund - Request to Partial Refund from Seller

I think this is a great idea.
My worry is that this might be removed as silently as it was implemented so it is difficult to rely on it at the moment.


It is definitely a great idea.

I think they should have the definition of what a revision entails, as per the terms of service, written right on the end of that sentence or on a paragraph underneath, perhaps even as another checkbox


I hope it stays…

Sure a few will ignore it, but for most they will know there may be extra costs for a revision. Of course that depends on your policy as a seller.

I consider that a win for sellers.


This is a PERFECT idea!!!
I sometimes get a-hole clients who will buy a husband or wife gig from me while already being married. Clearly states on my profile singles or unmarried only :slight_smile: idiots.
Anyways I love this idea, props to Fiverr


First of all, finally! I had buyers who changed their info after a day of starting their work already, which was unfair yet this would solve the problem. Heck, this could probably even solve some of the “request modification” button misuse scenarios.

However… has any buyer tested this with the mobile app? Because in case you don’t know, there are buyers who can activate an order without even filling out all the required instruction fields, and I assume for the same reason that they could start the order without putting a checkmark on that box…


That’s actually a very great idea.
Will let the bad buyers know they can’t get more work done on the name of revisions but why don’t they announce new changes.


I’m infuriated by this. Doesn’t 5r give a hoot about the buyer in any shape or form. I’ve listened to so many people complain about how 5r is so buyer-centric and no one cares about the seller. I feel like it’s exactly the opposite.

I finally got voiceover buyer’s request approved and received numerous offers. My goal was to hire five or six sellers at $5 to $15. There were many level 1 and level 2 that I found to be interesting. I saw this after the first hire and immediately regretted ordering.

I’m a good buyer. I’ve never requested cancellations. I’ve had two sellers requested it on me. I’ve also had over 150 purchases so that’s actually pretty darn good.

I rarely ever ask for revision on anything. I work with many sellers who are frequent posters on this forum and any one of them can verify that I have either never asked for a revision or asked for a minor one.

When I encounter a horrible seller, now I am doomed to take bad, stolen, semi-stolen work as they will throw this at me. I am really, really mad.

I know sellers feel differently and everyone will jump down my throat at how this is a good thing and I should just suck it up. Some sellers rant here like buyers are the enemy and want to “punish” us, call us nasty names like, “idiot”, “stupid”, and those are the mild rants on this forum.

I see it as just another thing for good buyers to have to endure when we hire bad sellers.

I only hired one male voiceover instead of five and changed my mind about hiring the five women voiceover. This is horrible!


Such people are an embarrassment. They are a minority, I am grateful to my buyers and always respect them, which is why most of my orders come from repeat buyers.



I am sorry to hear you are so upset about this. I think you might have misunderstood something.

Imagine this scenario:

  • Buyer orders a logo and chooses a specific font or color sheme. Seller just finished the design but the buyer changed his mind and would like a different color sheme.


  • Buyer submits his script for a voice over. Voice over person just recorded the script but the buyer wants to rewrite a couple of sentences.
    These scenarios can happen and can be very time consuming for sellers, not to mention we don’t get reimbursed for the wasted time.

I think this checkbox serves as a reminder for buyers to submit their full and most important final details.

At least that’s my thought on this new feature. :wink:


Hi Gina, I can verify that you are the ideal buyer. I don’t think that statement they are now making buyers check means you have to take stolen bad work. It means that buyers can’t change their requirements since apparently some will have something done and then say they want something totally different from what they first asked for.

You can still ask for revisions if the work wasn’t done right or how you wanted it.

Fiverr is trying to address problem buyers who try to get more work than they paid for by
changing the requirements after the order is completed.

All buyers should be as nice as you are.


That is impossible…:grinning:


Gina’s the best nicest buyer on fiverr.:slight_smile:


That’s why, if she is angry, I am worried about the future of Fiverr.


My thoughts exactly. It makes me wonder if somehow this could be worded differently so good buyers won’t be put off.

That last sentence about any changes will require the seller’s approval is a bit misleading. It means any changes to the requirements that substantially change the entire order.

They need to add the words: “to the requirements”


Something has been going wrong somewhere…I have been observing this for the last 6 months. Can’t put a finger on it, but more people are dissatisfied than satisfied. But my buyers are satisfied with me, and that’s the only thing that matters as far as I am concerned. Buyers should just find the right seller and stick to them I guess.


I can see how that might be misinterpreted. It could seem like it is saying that a buyer has to accept whatever they get. It doesn’t mean that so they need to clarify that.


Thank you @misscrystal (for the compliment), @annai80 & @writer99025 for responding.

I do understand where everyone is coming from in regards to this topic. I really do not think 5r thought this through carefully. There are three classifications of buyers here:

(1) Type I Normal/Regular Buyers
(2) Type II Cheap Buyers
(3) Type III Scam Buyers

When it comes to buyers in Type II & III, I seriously doubt this disclaimer will deter them in any shape or form.

Type II: They will complain, openly rude and drive a seller to insanity until they get free work, upgrade, changes etc. all for $5 - they will neither understand or care about any disclaimer. Typically to new sellers.

Type III: They will be a smooth talking swindler who has perfected the art of guilt or so darn nasty but somehow will keep it professional. At the end, the seller still ends up doing extra work and probably giving money back as well either by CS or by choice. They really will NOT care about any disclaimer.

At the end, all the regular buyers are the ones left feeling like we are doing something wrong, because of the few awful buyers. How can buyers build up a fruitful and long term relationships with great sellers? 5r is making it really awkward, by adding a disclaimer, that only the Regular/Normal buyers will read.

The funny thing is that the people this is aimed at aren’t going to care, they will figure out a way to get what they want.


And that’s one sad truth that I’d initially refused to believe when I saw that new checkbox feature… are we doomed when it comes to sellers of type II and III? will there ever be a solution to deal with them since they always find a way around things?

Maybe if no buyer could cancel or take their money back after purchasing a service (like a “purchase at your own risk” kind of thing)… and not be allowed to leave any feedback, positive or negative for that matter… and new buyers could then only see a seller’s LEVEL and amount of orders to make a decision upon those alone… but then again, I don’t know if buyers would still be interested in Fiverr… or maybe only the bad ones would lose interest? :thinking:


You are so right Gina. As previously said, I don’t think it will have any impact on your purchases. :hugging: