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The new design is awful

WHY, who thought that this would be a good idea. The page looks horrible. The notifications tab was so damn useful I’m so tired of all these incredibly STUPID changes. What’s the point of this change? I can’t even put into words how damn frustrated I am which just annoys me even more.


Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. Fix the god damn site Fiverr there’s a new bug every other day and somehow all you can manage to do is impair functionality by throwing out some new designs when clearly you have a ton of more important stuff to do.


You seem frustrated.

don’t know why they keep changing and changing their platform design …

Yes, I am very VERY frustrated.

Question is, why now? Why are you frustrated now? These changes are here for 2-3 months now.

Nope - I’ve still got the ‘old’ version, so I think it’s still a beta?


I just got it a few minutes ago. I can only feel bad for the people that got this before me. Looks like I’ll be making the mobile app my primary way to use Fiverr cause the desktop development team seems incredibly incompetent.


Take a good look then, this is the “new” design Fiverr is rolling out.

Cheers - thanks for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had this for a wee while now but rarely look at it. I now use the order page for everything. You should too. It’s cleaner and simply still works. Whatever the other thing is now, it’s not a usable dashboard. It’s more like an Tracy Emin inspired piece of bad artwork with no real purpose.


Ewww. I almost barfed when I saw the new dashboard :face_vomiting:

It’s horrible! Why change it? It was perfect before! It’s way too big and cluttered now. They better give us a toggle button in our settings to use the old layout. They can’t possibly force us to use the worse one.

I updated my bookmark, so it doesn’t take me to dashboard anymore, but manage orders page. That is still neat, and shows more orders! And there’s also the plus that it shows all orders, while dashboard sometimes does not show some orders, making them go late.

I will miss the better notifications page, though, that was so nicely accessible from dashboard.


i like the new design by the way just received the update

It’s a bleeding pity but looks like I’ll be doing the same.


I just noticed that it literally shows incomplete orders at the bottom as welll.


I don’t understand why they’d put so much empty white space, it’s a big waste, I usually have 10+ orders open and now I have to scroll way down the page to see them all. Previously I saw them all at a glance. Please give us the option to switch the layout between the large version or a condensed version.


Interesting. I can’t even remember when I last used the dashboard so I don’t remember what it looked like before.
I only use the orders page.


I just have the new design today, even yesterday it was in the old form.

Yes, and guess what happens when all those never started orders (who just happen to be from fellow Fiverr sellers) start reappearing in their dashboards when they get the update?

Hint. They come a refund begging.

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I woke up to this hideous beast this morning. I was a heavy dashboard user prior and honestly the ONLY thing they needed to add was the exact clock countdown for each order. Otherwise, it was beautiful and compact just the way I needed it.

Also, why are orders without submitted requirements considered active? I would not even be able to work on them as I don’t have the requirements filled out. Now my order count is completely messed up. I honestly don’t understand this.


This is an entirely new thing for me because I only use the orders page. I actually think the new design looks nice, but think it could be problematic for those who manage a large amount of orders.


It’s extremely hard to read and keep things organized. I hope they change it back right away!

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