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The new feedback and grading system?


I am curious about the new grading system that has been introduced on Fiverr. Can anyone from support please tell me what the information is being used for? Will we as sellers be given access to this information so we can better provide for our customers?



Reply to @mark74: The reality hurts me about freelancing website. I worked on other popular sites in past. All they do is first attract the sellers and give them so many options and facilitate them and when their sit gets popular they just take care of buyers. I experience this 3 time and unfortunately it is going to be 4th time now!

Fiverr is doing the same.

Reply to @mark74: Yeah i know, buyers are the one who PAY them actually that is why they are more privileged to have more options and less problems here.

Reply to @wingle: sounds strange to you? Why? On Fiverr only sellers, unfortunately, are rated :frowning:

I was actually going to buy a gig just to see this new features. But this above image says it all. Why this feature is not implemented on users side. All they want to rate SELLERS only and nothing for buyers.

So fiverr is doing some EXPERIMENT. Nice

Thanks for sharing.

I found an image I took about that screen.

Note the words EXPERIMENT and Votes are private

well… that is something new.

Well then what is the point of this if seller don’t know what he was getting rated for?

I don;t know why fiverr do not notify for new features.

I guess i have to buy a gig to see this new rating system.

Thanks Mark for your reply.

When a buyer leaves a feedback, now he has 3 or 5 (I don’t remember, sorry) rows with five stars: every row covers an aspect of the gig and the business.

It’s written clearly that those informations won’t be notified to the seller… so only buyer knows how many stars he gave to the seller…

Reply to @kjblynx: I Assume, They will simply tell you that they time to time experiment things on fiverr. As this is what the told me when they tested those “PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT” thing also placed on our gigs and then removed.

Reply to @wingle: don’t know, I’m a TRS from about one month… so can’t tell you more…

Reply to @ryangillam: Well from now on, i will keep that in mind and never let me gig being late. And will ask my buyers to work with me before leaving any lower star ranking. This is the only way to protect the levels + just hope no one make mistake orders :frowning:

System is so much against sellers!

wingle said: My orders usually gets late (not very late status), but none of my buyer complain about it as they are super happy with work.

Yes they can. It is unlikely they will at the moment, but they can (most of my gigs go 'very late' as I am playing catch-up at the moment)

The problem I have with this system is that it is open to abuse. You can complain against incorrect negative feedback and get it removed all you like (i.e. if somebody is lying about what you done). However, there is no way to fight back against this at the moment and most likely will not be in the future. People could just mess up your gig.

New Feedback and Grading System??? Tell me MORE!!!

Reply to @wingle: you mean not only for buyers but for sellers also, correct? :slight_smile:

Well, that’s annoying.

Sickness = plenty of gigs ‘very late’. Cue tons of people marking me as a poor response time and bam, bye bye level (even if they are happy with the quality of work)

Reply to @mark74: Definitely its worth it, that is why i am here. And other are here also. Yes we should be all together and convince fiverr to make the system perfect not only for sellers but for buyers also.

Reply to @wingle: well, I want to be positive and think that we (all together) can let Fiverr hear our voices so to improve even sellers experience here.

Don’t forget that we’re given a great opportunity here, so it’s not that bad :smiley:

Reply to @wingle: there were demoted TRS… it can happen to anyone!

Reply to @mark74: Exactly. This will likely to happen a lot.