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The new feedback removal system is the worse thing ever devised



The worse thing in the world.

Imagine the worse thing in the world. Fiverr ToS are now worse than that.

I know I have complained about it before, but it is now completely shit.

Since the Fiverr downtime, I have had some weird thing on my gig when I upload. Sometimes it says “Max File” (even if I attach just 2 files) and it does not complete the upload. This means I can’t hand in the gig. I received a ‘blocked’ message for 24 hours when I attached a DropBox link, so couldn’t do that either.

This has resulted in cancellation after cancellation. All of the people have reordered. All of them have given permission for the negative feedback to be removed BUT one of two things happen:

  1. They don’t want to get in touch with customer support.
  2. If they do get in touch with customer support, they say no and the feedback does not get removed.

It is terrible. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET NEGATIVE FEEDBACK REMOVED NOW! The buyer is saying that they do not want the negative in place. Customer support can see I delivered their content (after reordering) within 15 minutes of it being reordered. There is absolutely no reason for the negative.

In addition to this, my gig gets randomly paused if there are too many orders in the queue that are late. (I have explained why they are late). It does this, and the other day it cost me a $200 custom order as the person could not order while I was asleep.


Sorry about your experience


For the Dropbox link, I put mine in a message which works fine. You can then simply deliver a thank you message
and say the delivery was sent in a message on the order page.



Hey MissCrystal, here is a dropbox link. gives link

Thank You.

BAM!! Now you owe me money :joy:


Did you try to or ■■■■■■ your DB link?:thinking:


I have given google drive links to works that are too heavy to be uploaded, it worked fine for me… felt bad for ryan, he’s been in misery for weeks…


Ryan, have you tried extending the delivery time in the resolution center? I use that option all the time as I get 20, 30-article orders.


You can only extend up to thirty days. Some people order 100-120 articles at a time. These are regular customers, so I trust them not to cancel. They just do not want to place in seperate orders.


I think we have been through this…when you do 100-120 article orders, you are at your client’s mercy…they basically own you.


@djgodknows I’ve had very good luck with plain DropBox but I do have to send the link in an attached text or .rtf file. Inbox messages these days get flagged easily with nearly any link, even a link to gig on Fiverr. They seem to be checking and double checking everything manually and getting rid of gigs or sellers that don’t fit what they are after these days. It’s tough. I hope it will mean a good result in the end but I don’t really know.

From things I hear about the success manager hints and such, speed of orders and deliveries is in their focus. They seem to be discouraging gigs that take a long time to deliver and giving some degree of preference to smaller (less than 1 week delivery) and faster orders.


@writer99025 You are so right. I have a buyer who would love to order articles for months at a time and forget about it, but when it started to get up to 3 weeks for me to deliver it scared me. I finally told him I wouldn’t take more than I could deliver in a week and I send him a new custom quote once a week. He did actually leave once because of it, but he came back soon when he realized my prices were a little easier on his budget.


Such a shame, that means to be more successful I´d have to concentrate on the short fast cash jobs. I´ll still prefer staying poor and lowranked and doing jobs like stories and books with tens of thousands of words whenever I can get them, including those which I couldn´t possibly deliver in a week even if I worked more than I already do. The world needs Amazon product descriptions, okay, or at least it wants them, but it needs literature as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
Not nice to read that though, and discouraging indeed, if it doesn´t take into account, if you have a delivery time of 30 days for a short article on the latest IT-craze or for a whole book.I really hope that the ‘some’ degree of preference isn´t too high.


Ryan, what do they say about the part that technical problems from their side led to cancellations?


¯_(ツ)_/¯ - probably.


Customer Support said to me that I should keep a closer eye on the site issues and keep customers fully updated, which I do.

However, one of my regular customers who cancelled said that customer support implied to him that I was lying. I am not. I even submitted proof that I was not lying to customer support. I have been working with this customer for 4 years now, so he knows I am not lying in the slightest.

Customer support have been refusing to remove feedback as by asking, I am guilting people into getting it removed. They then gave me a warning for it. This is why none of the negative feedback has been removed.


I see, not nice to imply that, if your customer got that right, that would have me ranting too.


@miiila I’m not sure what Fiverr is up to, but I see some patterns in search. For you, though, it sounds like workarounds could keep this from have that much impact. You seem flexible which is a big deal. Even if Fiverr increased preference for faster deals and frequent deliveries, you could get around it. One way would be to develop and maintain one gig that would be for short fast work and put in a link to your slower “wordy” gig for those who want it. If you can maintain an order a week or better, the short gig might rank well. With the right keywords in it, it would be a conduit to another gig for buyers needing a long piece.

The other option would be to break up your larger gigs into parts, at least for new buyers. One chapter every 3 days (or whatever.) Once you have a professional relationship you could customize accordingly for larger jobs.

The stumbling block for sellers who’ve done bulk work only for a long time is that they become inflexible or their buyers claim inflexibility. Fiverr’s history generally shows that a buyer who has had great work from you will flex if they must. If they don’t aanother new buyer will step.up.


[details=offtopic, reply to fonthaunt :)][quote=“fonthaunt, post:20, topic:97328”]
Even if Fiverr increased preference for faster deals and frequent deliveries, you could get around it. One way would be to develop and maintain one gig that would be for short fast work and put in a link to your slower “wordy” gig for those who want it.

I have done that, kind of, already, though with a different purpose, ‘split up’ my initial gig for just translation into nonliterary (most of the short gigs are those, but that would be longer gigs too, like whole websites including blog posts) and literature, which tends to be longer texts of course, more so that I can pause the nonliterary one and still have the others active and showing. Your idea is good, thank you, I might work out something for that, though it would have to be rather specific again to avoid that it´s being seen as the same thing in a different coat probably, only generally I prefer the long gigs, because of their nature, and then of course I don´t have so much time left for short ones. And the breaking up I don´t want to heave on buyers, unless they are new ones or I have a bad feeling or something, I had to break a big order up in two because I couldn´t task for more than x$ in 1 order when I´d just about started because of the limit, and while the buyer accepted it, he wasn´t exactly happy with it, it´s more ‘work’ for buyers, more time spent, more numbers on their bill and all, and I sympathize with them not liking it. But I´ll mull over your suggestions, thanks a lot for your thoughts! :)[/details]