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The new Fiverr gig options are pretty cool


Hello Fiver Family,

Just thought I would stop by and give a big shout out for the new options of being able to edit your gig without having to navigate to the page of your gig.

High 5 to
Pastor Dre


Yes @pastordre , it is a cool update by Fiverr.


Make descriptions longer.
Attractive image or video
use proper tags/keywords
try to place your seven gigs in seven different categories of the same niche
send more buyer requests and with proper bidding

Feel free to ask if you have any question.


Hi @gladysmeth - The type of buyer requests depends on the category that you place your gigs in.

Example; I place my Dj Drops gig under the category of Dj Drop and Jingles. So then I see all the buyer request for Dj Drops and Jingles. The secret is to place multiple gigs under multiple categories and then you will see more categories of buyer requests.

Hope this helps

Pastor Dre


@arslanlb @pastordre Lets use this gig as an ********************************** changes do you suppose I can make there?

Mod Note: Post edited. This type of request goes in the Improve my Gig category. Please do not go off-topic in other threads for help with personal questions. :slight_smile:


Pastor, you do realize that you’re helping someone with a stock image profile picture who claims to be in the USA when their timezone is in GMT+3?

Given that Shutterstock’s options start at €39/5 images a month, it seems that this is also stolen, as Gladys cannot afford the $5 for the blog.

There are also some clear indicators that gig descriptions have been copied from elsewhere:

I believe in simple straightforward honesty and approach… I usually let my writing skills advertise on my behalf. The papers my team and I put together are tailor made and twisted to fit customer taste, preference and requirement.

I am also dubious that she got her certification of “yes” from the University of Florida, along with her BSc in “business economics”. It’s all very well trying to help people, but should they not practice their honesty in business first? This particular profile raises multiple red flags, including multiple reviews from another user.

In short, pastor, this is someone who is not going to take your advice, but they will take advantage of your copy-paste improvements and little else–all while hijacking a post that has nothing to do with her. How can she claim to offer perfect English writing when her gig titles are littered with poor punctuation?

Besides, “Smeth” looks more like a typo than a very obscure surname (which it also is).

Gladys, you need to start being honest and doing your own work if you want to succeed in business. Any buyer who spends more than 3 minutes researching your profile will not hire you based on everything I have commented on, regardless of whether the Pastor fixes some of it up for you or not.


Perhaps it’s Gladys Meth? :wink:


Oh, good spot. My brian parsed it wrong.


This person asked for some cookies, now he/she is asking for the whole damn jar. I mean, really? Do the work, put in the effort. Taking the easy way out will not get you anywhere.

Take some time to read the Fiverr Academy. You’re taking advantage of Pastor Dre’s Kind-heartedness. :japanese_goblin:


Yes . i have seen it though, it’s really nice


No body can hide from Emma’s detective sword… :skull_crossbones: