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The new Fiverr look isn't working for me [#Fiverr UI Change, Buyer View, Seller View, Dashboard]

With the new Fiverr look I can’t access the most important things like orders, buyers requests, and even gigs! Not even the search ‘box’ I am disappointed


All of these things are still accessible, as they have always been, they’re just available under different links. The longer you work with the new navigation arrangement, the more comfortable it will become.


Alright, thank you for the reply


I can’t say I care for it either. I don’t mind previous changes, but this one is particularly annoying.


Very helpful reply. I am also having this problem but now I can get the solutions.

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New look ? I does’t see any new look


This is a kind of odd question. The solution is obvious. Even if you don’t like the page, you will have to practice using it until it becomes comfortable. That’s all there is to it.


You click “more” and find Buyers Requests.

As for the search box, it is strange that it’s not everywhere anymore, but you’ll survive. Go to if you want to search.

Or go to your gig page, click “switch to buying” and search whatever you want.

I like Fiverr’s look, is minimalistic, like Google vs. Yahoo.


Can you send screenshot please


It is now Switchable mode…
Buyer Mode is same as old feeling…
While in Seller mode- Menu Gone left with Fiverr Logo
And Some Drop down Links Like- Order, Gig, Analytic And Earning now in main menu item.

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Thank you for help me with details instruction. I got mu solutions from your guideline.

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'More" from where? I don’t see such a thing on my dashboard or profile…looks like am lost alone

Would love to have some changes time to time :yum:

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First check that you are in “selling mode” when you change it to selling mode you will see the “More” Tab :slight_smile:

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That’s great. I’m glad you found a solution.


We actually had that before but it wasn’t as obvious.


i dislike that …

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I am not thrilled with needing to click on two places to see my orders.

If I’m in “messages” I have to click “switch to selling” then click “orders” to get to my orders.

That “switch to selling” is already driving me crazy.

What is the need to click on “switch to selling” for? Switch to selling from what?

Can’t that “switch to selling” just say “orders”?

Where the deuce is the “orders” button?

Can’t we just have a “messages” button and an “orders” button on the same line?

I use two things: messages, and orders and trying to find them is a real challenge.

Then even if I do find the “orders” button, when I click it I am taken to that dumb orders page with the large icons of my gigs, and from there have to click a second “orders” button to get to the regular “orders” page. Why do they continue to make this site harder and harder for sellers to use?


I am also very happy to get the solution. Thank You Again.