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The new Fiverr look isn't working for me [#Fiverr UI Change, Buyer View, Seller View, Dashboard]

Fiverr just found a new way to annoy sellers. Now every time I go to the Fiverr page or even my Fiverr settings, I have to click “Switch to Selling” to access my dashboard. It doesn’t even stay on that dashboard the next time I come to the website. I always have to click Switch to Selling whenever I go to Fiverr. It is super annoying.


Like rest of you guys It takes 5sec to 15sec to find what i am looking for after these updates.
I like it.
This is fun! This is fun time

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It will take few days to be okay with the new change! For every change Fiverr does we are never okay :rofl::rofl: but finally we start liking it later.


Extra steps for no good reason. It’s not hard to find anything, really, but I’m not sure how this is supposed to improve anything.

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Not me. I never liked their star rating system or how they penalize sellers for cancelling orders when buyers don’t follow directions.


did you then stop selling on Fiverr?

The old look is the best from now

Why I could’n find my “dashboard option” in fiverr profile?
Please help me!

Mod Note: This post and thread was merged since other people have this question and it’s answered in this thread.

Click your image and go to “My profile” You can see Dashboard on the top left side next tot he “fiverr”

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Thanks for your suggestion
problem has been solved.

I still have old version… huh!

i am using a desktop, all that i have been able to see is just message at the top. so can you explain further on how to locate this features. please

I’m still not seeing this update. I swear I’m always the last one to see new things!


it was there whole time

Yes, I was talking about the desktop version. What is missing?

Quite a few people don’t see the “new” main page yet. This is pretty common for Fiverr, they tend to roll out changes to groups of people and then continue slowly. Once in a blue moon they realize a change isn’t good and they take it back, but most changes are long term.

For those who don’t have it, the top of the page now looks something like this if you have the new version:

It makes a bit tricker for sellers to navigate since the Dashboard and other navigation links are less obvious. You can still find all of it, it’s just in different places. For now, I solved my own annoyance by putting a shortcut to the Dashboard at the top of my browser. It’s just easier for me.


it seems entirely everything is missing because i still can’t access buyer request, my gigs and even where to switch my account status. I am kind of stocked.

My name is Snir, and I’m a Product Manager at Fiverr.

We’ve rolled out the Selling Navigation feature in order to help sellers run their business more efficiently. Therefore, we consolidated all selling-related pages (Dashboard, Manage Sales, Earnings, Analytics, etc.) under a single Selling area. In order to get there, simply click Switch to Selling. Once you’re there, you’ll see the new and improved header navigation bar, which now includes links to the most visited pages by sellers. By clicking on Switch to Buying, you’ll see the buyer-related navigation bar (Search, My Orders (as a buyer), etc.)

We’ve implemented these changes in order to create an easier selling navigation. I’ll be happy to hear your feedback and answer relevant questions! :slight_smile:


quite impressive i must say because ventures without sustained creativeness are bound to become obsolete. However, there should have been a guide or screen shorts to guide users. As i am still having difficulty finding any of the said features on my UI neither have been able to fully access my account. I am using a desktop version. what’s the way forward please?