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The New Fiverr Upgrade, How Does that Affect or influence Your sales?

Guess Majority of sellers aren’t aware of the fact that fiverr had made some changes on their website.

  1. Rating

    Now, the rating which has always been in % has been changed to 5.0 and now in stars

  2. Buyer’s Review

    This column has been beautified with the addition of (Response time, buy again and service as expected)

  3. Buyers Rating Now included

    i believe this is the most interesting part now, as the buyer’s rating now display beside their user names.

    why awesome?a. because all buyers will be able to know which buyers is good or has complaint.

    b. fiverr will also be able to monitor, bad and good buyers.

    I think this is a very good news for all buyer.

    Now, the big question… How does this new upgrade affect buyers and the sellers?


This is being discussed in several threads. It was tested for a while with some TR sellers, and the changeover was announced in Fiverr’s blog yesterday. So far a vast majority of sellers strongly dislikes it. Since buyers’ ratings still won’t be shown on their profile pages, the ratings system will be useless for screening or at least preparing for potential difficulties with a buyer.

I think yo right @celticmoon. Thanks for your contribution.