The new gig packages for designers


Hello dear Fiverrs. As you all know, Fiverr introduced the new gig packages for graphic designers. Since then, i got a massive drop on sales on my Photoshop gig. Here it is. I am expecting from you some advices about how to set up the gig packages, give me some ideas and together let’s boost sales again. Thanks for your time friends


This is your Fiverr bio: “8 out of 10 people in this world can not afford a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Don’t let me be one of those 8.”

That sounds a bit conceited, and may be a bit of a personality turn-off to many prospective customers. Those customers are not on Fiverr looking to make YOU money, they are on Fiverr looking for someone to help THEM with a project. Look to the needs of your customers first, use language that makes them feel valued.

Oh, and speaking of language, you might want to soften up the tone of the details in your linked Fiverr gig. It comes across as being a bit harsh, and… you’ll went to get rid of the curse word, and fix the few English grammar issues as well. :wink:


Thanks for your reply jonbaas. All i wanted to do is creating this unique descriptions to make the buyers laugh and attract them. So far, i got only positive feedbacks about these.


That may have been your intent, but that’s not how it comes across when reading that “unique description”.