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The new Gig Page layout looks really poor


The old layout was so much better. The new one looks very unprofessional and bland, also the preview images for previous orders are skewed.

The worst thing about it is, they post ADS of other Sellers gig pages right under your gig description. The ads are above your FAQ, your REVIEWS and even your OWN Other Gigs.

I dont mind if they want to recommend other gigs, but don’t put it smack bang in the middle of our gig pages. It looks so unprofessional.


I don’t like new layout either. It looks awful.


I don’t have the new UI, can you share some screenshots?


I just took a look and my first instinct is that I need to refresh because the paid didn’t load correctly. I wouldn’t mind the ads in the middle IF they weren’t absolutely gigantic? It takes up a good 20% of the screen.

This makes a lot of sense though, because I have had an exponential increase in people asking me questions that are in my FAQ. They probably see the ads and then don’t bother scrolling anymore. Very poor UI design.


I don’t like it either.


It’s hurting my orders also. Since it started people who contact me and seem ready to buy disappear suddenly never to return. This is something new.

The see the ads on MY order page for the same thing I offer only much cheaper.


WHY in the world would they put “Recommended For You” ads right in between the FAQ section and Reviews?

That’s the worst part about this new layout, among other things.

Overall, it looks horrible.


Another #failed layout design.
I dislike it either, fiverr you guys should put a dark mode on the gig page and make our gig more ‘personalized’ like let us uplaod our cover like FB cover, let buyer feel it’s a human being offering service, now it just look ‘dead’ aka robotic to me.


Upon checking the preview page as a buyer, they have reverted back to the previous design. The idea of customising pages with your own design and art is a fantastic idea.


like this? :thinking:


I’ll bet this is why people order the wrong gigs. At first I thought people just didn’t understand what they were ordering. Now I can see that they think they are ordering a specific gig, but it’s just another seller’s ad. I wish Fiverr would stop this practice!


Ahh the old layout is back, so much nicer. The new one was a confusing mess.

I couldn’t even find the gig description.


old layout is back,


The old layout was so much better, now old layout is back


I still have the new layout :confused:


They put back the old layout and things immediately are picking back up for me with two new orders.

People are messaging me and not disappearing like they did before. :rainbow: