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The new gig page?

Ok, this’s the second time within a day I got buyers to order from me then left a message that is similar to this

"I need someone who can read the book and put in pictures per page. If that is something you can do let me know. I can send you one picture my nephew did for an idea. "

I mean it’s what they should have done via the message system BEFORE they order, not to place the order and then write it down.

I had to cancel them both, I know mutual cancellation won’t affect my rating but too much cancellation (of any type) DO lower sellers’ rating. And I hate this.

I check the gig page of other sellers and while I don’t like the look in general, the “contact me” button is actually bigger and clearer and more obvious than before. Even though the “order now” is still more impressive, I didn’t have any similar issue until now.

Anyone else has this problem? Is the new gig page too confusing or it’s the new buyers?

Edited: now one of them continued to post in the order page, without cancelling it. I know they don’t understand the system but this really bug me!!!

It’ll automatically cancelled after 2 days, but does it affect my rating? I think it would… Any way to deal with this without hurting myself? I don’t think asking CS to cancel it would make any difference.

Now I just had someone ordered with an “intrusion” like this:“can you illustrate a children book for me” X(