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The new level system, more harm than good for me


I find the new level system a little bit unfair on sellers.

What do you say about buyers who order wrongly, or choose the basic gig and request a service which is only offered in the premium gig, and aren’t willing to meet you half way on price.

I try to be understanding enough, leaving the table open in situations like this, but you just have some really hardheaded buyers.

I have had to face two of them this week already, I considered the first, the second one came as well, explained to them how what they had requested is not offered in the basic gig, we went back and forth and they wouldn’t pay more as they had a “shoestring” budget!

My gig description is well laid out, I have been on Fiverr for over a year and I optimise my gig every now and then to ensure buyers don’t get confused when they come.

WE CAN NOT AGREE ON PRICE, am I supposed to continue with this forever? 2 times already this week I have had to just indulge because I don’t want my stats to be affected before the next evaluation.

This window period is really hard on us!

Sometimes, I just want to send an epistle full of untrammeled rant to Customer Support but then, I’m like oh well, I know what their response would be like already.

As I type this, I’ve been forced to open a dispute to cancel an order (I’ve had enough for this week already), this was after I have sent a number of messages nicely, seeking their thoughts on the structure of pricing, the buyer would not respond to messages, it’s 14 hours and counting already, knowing fully well it’s a 24 hour delivery gig. Pfft!

PS: Buyer has been online a couple of times and would still not respond. :confused: :roll_eyes: