The New Levels System is so Unfair!


I find the new Levels system to be so unfair and here is why:

  1. You get penalized when a buyer leaves you a bad review, and that’s pretty normal but the effect of one bad review is much more than a lot of completed ones, not sure why is that?

  2. When you or the buyer cancel an order you also get penalized, so now when I’m stuck with a bad buyer who is unfair, I really don’t know what to do. Cancelling hurts and a bad review hurts even more!!!

And now, just once cancelled order or bad review can throw you int a lower level for a whole month!!!

I really think Fiverr should rethink the way they calculate their scores as this is so pressuring that I’m currently thinking of pausing all my gigs.

What do you guys think?


Agreed. There’s so much room for improvement. Levels are dropping like flies! I believe half of all sellers (Or more) have lost a level or multiple. It’s like Thanos snaps his fingers monthly! But a lot of them have also gained them back afterwards, so it’s not the end or a reason to quit. :slight_smile:

Thankfully I did hear they are making some changes to the leveling system. So hopefully mistake orders don’t hurt a seller as much then, and average rating being more realistic. I’d say an average total rating of 4 is perfectly normal (And very good too, considering most online goods have lower score) in almost all online marketplaces, so 4.8 is just unrealistic.


I agree with you, an average of 4 would be reasonble and realistic as well.

Besides, cancellation shouldn’t have that much of an effect on the overall score, especially when it’s a mutual cancellation, which can happen to anyone for a number if good reasons and don’t have to mean low quality work or so.