The New Magic Word Scam - Is it Just Me?


I want to vent here. For the past few months I have experienced a steady increase in buyers using very specific language in revision requests, disputes, and post-delivery messages. Specifically, langiage which suggests that "Oh, would you look at that, actually you didn’t deliver anything or didn’t deliver what I asked for. Please fix this asap."

With delivered writing orders, the nightmare starts with an immediate cancellation request after delivery with a message saying something along the lines of "The seller failed to deliver on the project as discussed and is clearly not competent enough to. Please refund my money."

There is no actual request for a revision, no specific details, just a big fat lie saying I haven’t delivered.

With video work the scam gets a little more complicated. I deliver a video. The buyer asks for a revision. I provide a revision, then when orders automatically complete, I get messages like: “Where is my video? I can’t see the files.” Or insinuations that I have only delivered part of an order. i.e. "As discussed, can you now send the source files and an unbranded version and version without sound?"

To be absolutely clear here, these are not revsion requests or requests for extra work after delivery. These are all carefully worded messages which imply that at some point, different projects have been discussed and/or I have agreed to provide extra material such as video source files. (I never offer to giveaway source files, nor do I mention sourcefiles anywhere in any of my gigs.)

Whenever this happens, I read dispute and order messages thinking, “this person knows exactly what to say to either scare sellers or make it look to Fiverr CS like a seller has broken TOS by not delivering.”

I have cancelled one order this week as I just couldn’t be bothered to go through the whole nightmare communication saga. Now a different buyer is using the exact same tactic on me. So, is this just me? Or is anyone else noticing buyer behavior like this?


I understand that you want to discuss this matter with others and see if it’s happening to them, but didn’t you just teach a bunch of potential scammers exactly how to get away with a scam?


Customer support is aware of these tactics so I let them know if someone tries something like this, or anything else.


happened with me too


In short, I drew something in blue recently and the person wanted it in red (didn’t mention he wanted it in red, just asked to change the color after the fact). Which counts as a revision and I did it, no problem.

Then, when the order was closed, he started to act funny to get some additional work done for free and said at some point: “Well, what about your mistake with the blue color?” implying my work was subpar and I owed him some freebies. Then he followed that up with: “You still haven’t sent me a source file”. The source file wasn’t discussed or mentioned before and wasn’t a part of a custom offer. That was cute.


I see that the insinuation of wrongdoing virus has tendrils everywhere.

No. I did not just teach anyone anywhere how to scam work for free on Fiverr. I don’t need to. The flaws in the system are visible to anyone who users Fiverr for any length of time. That said, I’m happy to have this thread deleted.