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The new profile pages are awesome, well done Fiverr!


I’ve just had a chance to see my new Fiverr profile and I’m sure you can agree, they look phenomenal to say the least!


I love this new header and profile page. Is it possible to change header??


I love this new site but on the new gig page, fiverr should show “Order number” of seller. so, a buyer can choose

akashicsoul said: The problem is that Fiverr implements new features but they do not review their bugs, they implement new stuff with bugs.
Unfortunately, it's not just Fiverr. It's become perfectly acceptable to 'release' things that are buggy or not even finished.

I got a Chromecast as a Christmas present and most of the functionality is still described (by Google) as in "beta" and some is still "experimental" It's a consumer product released by one of the world's largest multinational corporations, a year and a half ago, and it's still only half-baked.

The 'crowdsourcing' model has become an R&D money saving device. At this point everyone who uses the internet in any way, shape or form has become a beta tester.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I always have a debate with myself if it’s worth the effort to contact support about anything. I may have a bad attitude, but I earn so little money through this place (partly my own fault and partly Fiverr’s :slight_smile: ) I hate to commit more time to the CS back-and-forth. Since you’re so much more active on the site, it’s probably worth it to you. You might actually miss out on a sale or two because of it. If you’d like the support of a fellow seller, I can drop them a line.

Like you said, it will get sorted eventually, and since the new design has been a staggered roll-out, it may be fixed by the time the entire site is updated. When that will be though, who knows.

I just used so many words to say “hmm, I dunno”. :slight_smile:


:frowning: they took off numbers of orders in queue … :frowning: and the map is gone


The problem is that Fiverr implements new features but they do not review their bugs, they implement new stuff with bugs. Last delivery is in-accurate, and best seller is as well. It would be nice to be able to remove the top banner, or at least, being able to upload your own image.

However, I have to say that overall is good progress… Now to make it a blast, it would be awesome if all the website bugs would get fixed!


Reply to @itsyourthing: I wonder if those of us experiencing the problem with the “recent delivery” area should contact support about it? I don’t want to flood them with requests that will work themselves out, but mine is having the same issue and while I don’t know how many buyers actually look at my profile page before ordering, I wouldn’t want that to put them off…especially since, like you, I’ve made several deliveries this week.


I finally have the new profile. Aside from way too much space devoted to a stock image instead of my gigs, I’m not pleased that it’s saying my recent delivery was “About two months ago” when I have several delivered within the last week.

Get it together Fiverr; that doesn’t look good to my potential buyers which means less chance of commissions for you. Stop messing around with questionable design aesthetics and focus on getting the site functionality above par. Please. And thank you.


Reply to @kjblynx: I’m glad someone agrees with me and understands the concept of keeping important information ‘above the fold’ as they used to say! We seem to be a minority.


Yes I agree with you the fiverr’s design is the best, usability of interface is awesome, the design of interface is marvelous, I’m in love with fiverr design!!!


Reply to @seanc99: I see it now, finally. It says my “best seller” but that isn’t actually my best seller. I guess maybe on average I might have had the most consistent extras ordered, perhaps? If so, that’s a pretty cool way to boost sales! I like the profile :stuck_out_tongue: I also like how the % has been phased out. No more 96%, 99%, 100% etc. Looks better. :stuck_out_tongue:


yes you are right?? :slight_smile:


I like the new profile view but there should be two things.

  1. Header should be changed by user.
  2. Map should be shown as in the previous one.


I like it too, especially the top selling gig.

Still waiting for a change to the backcover though! Not loving the bubbles!


I have a blackboard photo it looks very cool.

The top selling gig feature is a great addition.


I liked it, but I really liked the map feature and the recent delivery graph. Also, my recent delivery is stuck on “about a month ago” even that I deliver gigs every day


Mine is awesome, too! But it’s no longer available since a few days ago…


Wow just Wow =D>


Where is the map??