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The new seach option within fiverr

I don’t like it. The main reason for it being limiting and hurting exposure. I will explain.

In the old version, once you searched for something, you could see 5 gigs on each line of screen which increased exposure for higher ranking sellers, but now, with that side navigation panel each line only holds 3 gigs.

If you guys know anything about UI and advertising, you will know that top fold of the screen always gets much higher CTR than bottom fold. Which means that if before the User saw my gig on the top without scrolling the page, now he needs to scroll down to see it.

Since your change my gig almost never get’s ordered because people can’t see it, regardless of the 5 stars rating that I have.

If you decide to stick to the current search design, please increase the gig columns from 3 to 5.