The New Superstar of Indian Cricket


Hardik Pandya, what a find :clap::+1::ok_hand::muscle::facepunch::fist_left:


I was hoping that there would be some football discussion seeing as the EPL is back however after Chelsea’s performance yesterday I think I will wait for next week before mentioning football.


Yeah, great Sunday for me…morning cricket and evening NUFC vs. Spurs. When I first started watching football back in 2001, NUFC were my favorite team - they never won anything, but were exciting to watch and their fans are crazy passionate. Remember Shearer-Bellamy-Speed-Solano-Robert-Kieron Dyer? For a period of 2-4 years, they were very very good. Of course, I quit supporting them later as it got from bad to worse. Now they look like a decent team under a very good manager. Should expect them to survive this season. [And how can I forget the great Bobby Robson? A true gentleman and a genuine good soul.] [Not getting much work done though, finished a big order yesterday and have one more order which is already late, could get a late cancellation, which never happens to me, but can’t get myself to start writing.]


Yeah, Newcastle were exciting - don’t forget Ginola, Asprilla and eh, Gillespie. Do you remember that match they had against Barcelona? 3-3 draw but was brilliant along with pretty much any time they played against Liverpool.
Oh, and their 5-0 hammering of Utd.
Benitez will do ok but they are struggling to sign players atm, should survive though


That was before my time…I started watching EPL only in 2001. That was when we first had EPL telecast live in India.


Sorry, my mind tells me it was “a couple of years ago”…