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The New Update is Not Bad [Buyer Requests]

I checked my profile and it happens that Fiverr has made a little update under the “selling” section. Maybe it appears differently on buyers’ account, but i found that “buyers request” has been updated to “Recent Available Projects”. Do you think this update will stop sellers from spamming the buyers request section?

Hmph, I asked a FAQ question about this earlier and nobody cared! Good question though, it would have to be worded differently for buyers. Hopefully this will nip the selling problem in the bud, though I’m sure some genius will “misunderstand” project to mean “me”.

I doubt that it was a matter of Fiverr not caring. More likely, your suggestion was added to a list of updates and changes to consider, and, now, Fiverr chose to make a change similar to your suggestion. It takes time for most websites to consider and implement changes to their sites, quite often, because there are either more important issues to address, or the list is just to long for all desired changes to be put into effect quickly.

It is also worth noting that Fiverr technicians do not monitor these forums. Posting an idea in the Fiverr FAQ section does not mean that the idea has been presented to the powers that be that could implement that suggestion.

if you have issues, suggestions or concerns with the Fiverr site, it is always best to contact Customer Support directly.

@jonbaas, you misunderstood me–I posted in the FAQ section of the forum asking if anyone else had noticed the change or just me. I suppose my headline wasn’t quite so alluring, though :smiley:

@emmaki It’s not that. We have all your posts flagged under the “potentially humorous” setting. No one gets to see them until one of our humor team members checks it. You’ve set a bar. Now you are stuck with it. :wink:

@seofanatics I find the change refreshing. I have no idea if it will work, but it’s a good idea. I wish I could take credit for it, but maybe it’s good that it wasn’t my idea. If it doesn’t work, I can blame it on someone else.

@emmaki now you see one of the reasons why @fonthaunt said your posts travel to the “potentially humorous” setting. “I’m sure some genius will “misunderstand” project to mean “me”.”

In that case I’d suggest for them to use Google translator to translate the words to their local languages. And yes, you know how they reason.

It’s really very simple. Hire PROFESSIONAL translators (heck, from the Fiverr selling pool) to translate all the official bits into popular languages here. I don’t mean German, Spanish and French. Those languages are just English with added complications :wink: I mean languages whose speakers sometimes seem to be terminally confused.

Just imagine how bereft the forum would be of its daily quota of “plz help me [to do something basic]”. Plus, then you’d just say, “check out this useful help page in your language” and if they stiill didn’t get it, you’d know that they were, well, what they were.

However, given that Fiverr apparentlyused Google Translate or some other mechanical software to translate gigs–gigs!!–into Dutch with the inevitable poor results (GT don’t care about your spelling mistakes and sloppy grammar, it’s just going to replicate them with even more awkward results), the chances of this happening are about 0%. Might be a party at the NY HQ that we can virtually watch instead though, so it’s all good.

This post was bought to you by sailing dangerously close to the bone and other mixed idioms. Not terribly relevant though, is it? I recommend making it clear in the new Bablefished Fiverr that Buyers Requests or whatever its new nom de plume is is for buyers only and all sellers who feebly attempt to use it for their own gain be docked $5 on each offense extreme prejudice. The $5 can go to charity. There’s no excuse when its there in a bunch of different languages!

It’s a heavy burden, but just like Jesus, I shall carry it.

It could be because those sections are a bit hidden - I always forget about the areas of the forum that don’t come up automatically and most of the time just look in tips for sellers :slight_smile:

I feel a bit left out of the loop, its same as it was before for me… boo

I agree except the $5 should go to me.

That’s because you don’t read the other forum categories. People who only read Tips for Sellers don’t get to see new features. (Yes, fonthaunt is feisty today!)

50:50? Fair’s fair.

This would definitely reduce spamming in the buyers request section. But if the spammers do it due to lack of understanding, it would be a big problem.
Can @fonthaunt suggest this to the team?

50 to me and 50 to charity? What about your cut for the idea?

The forum team really has little impact on what happens on the rest of Fiverr. We have drawn their attention to posts on the subject, mainly ones in the Suggestion Box. The fact that they are working on it at least tells us all that they are trying. :slight_smile:

hahaha, damn it! I’ll have to venture out of my comfort zone more often :slight_smile: