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The New Voiceover pricing

Are any other VO artists being negatively impacted since implementing the new pricing structure? I used to do 5-figures a month here, Recently, it’s been slowing way down, but after implementing the new pricing structure, I’ve had ONE order. Normally, it would be 15-20 a DAY.

For one thing, they are expecting a lot for all people to know the word count of their document. Yes, that’s great for US of they know that but a) we really should recount it anyway, and b) if they don’t know and they get confused about how to place the order, they will MOVE ON.

I really don’t feel the instructions are clear enough for new buyers to understand how to order, and there is no question that since making these changes, my work has nearly vanished, and I am a Top Seller here who has been doing 6 -figure years here…so I’m really clear this isn’t just about “me.” Something about the process is slowing people down.

But maybe this is just MY experience. So I’m curious if other VO folks are seeing similar things, or if this has actually HELPED them, as Fiverr suggested it would.


Hi @boundless

I have only been on Fiverr a few months so can’t say I have the loads of bookings you are used to but I think it is ok? I have had a few bookings since the change. I know it has definitely not increased sales yet, but I did put my prices up and also introduced commercial rates which I had previously included.

The biggest change I have noticed is where previously I was in the food chain, I am now a lot further down the track. I have updated my tags etc, but it has had nil effect.

I guess the positive is that every single voice over gig will so be under the new pricing structure by next month (they are making it mandatory after a certain date), so it won’t be the case of a buyer skipping over you to order from someone who has the old version.
I think in general the flux of sales is from the new algorithm they have implemented, as you’ll see new gigs cycled through the top of the search, as well as far more featured gigs, and gigs with higher price points being shown first (allegedly).
Anyways, a lot of people have seen their sales drop, especially veteran sellers. There is plenty of talk about it here on the forum. Searching ‘new algorithm’ should give you some more insight.

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Some don’t know their word count, but most seem fine with it. The old system is based on word count too, just they had to add up the main gig (up to XX words) then add gig extras for the additional words. (Selecting 1, 2 or XX extras depending on how long their script is…) Lots of them got that wrong too.

I think it’s a win overall.

As for sales, most sellers have a slow time around the July 4th holiday AND now Fiverr is rotating in more newer sellers to see how they do.

The competition also continues to grow too… as people see others earning six figures on Fiverr, they jump on too… (While the quality obviously varies, VO has a low barrier to entry… everybody thinks they can do it well…)

I don’t think the new ordering system is pushing away buyers.

I had a great month last month, so has my adult son. This month is slower so far, but I’m not surprised with the July 4th holiday. I’m not that far off my normal monthly pace, and it won’t surprise me if I catch up later this month.

We’ll see, but overall I’m happy with the changes. YMMV.


congrats on 5-fig months and 15-20 daily orders here on fiverr. I do spanish VO here since 2012 and have yet to see that kind of performance for myself.

yes, the biggest pet peeve is the word count and the way a buyer generates a quote for themselves. Most of my orders start with a private chat and end with m me sending a custom offer, which means I have to use my own price calculator because I guess it’s not intuitive or user-friendly for the buyer (or they’re too lazy to count the words)?

Maybe if fiverr had a serious word-counting feature built-into the VO gig page, that somehow allows buyers to upload their script and it counts it for them and instantly shows a big price quote. I mean, it’s the same process I have to do myself only manually. For every single order.

I switched to the new VO pricing last week. Still getting normal traffic. I allowed my “Delivered On Time” performance to suffer after trying to juggle other jobs outside fiverr but I worked to get all my performance numbers up to high 90%s because it just killed my gigs. No traffic when Deliveries went into 80-90% range.

I’ve been trying to balance my new price structure to be along the lines of my old price structure, and I’m struggling a bit. What really throws me is that, despite the fact the number of days to do the order goes up after a set number of words, I can’t offer a fast delivery option if my basic gig is set to 1 day. So in order to give clients the option of choosing fast delivery, I had to change my base order to 2 days. IDK, maybe I’ll change that too, but thusfar I am not thrilled with the change.

Yeah- Since i’ve switched to the new pricing structure I think i’ve had 4 orders in two weeks. I am a level two seller and have had consistent daily work up until I switched to the new pricing structure. I also was having a hard time even locating my gig when logging out and searching for it. I hope something changes soon! Glad you said something. (BTW I like your youtube channel)


I’ve been hit, but I now do more VO gigs outside of Fiverr than on. It used to be the other way around.
My focus, admittedly, on voice gigs has been off-fiverr, but I have updated my gigs and have seen a drop.
Never been on a 5 figure month…at least not for voice gigs, but it has slowed down noticeably.

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I haven’t had any loss in the amount of orders, but most of my orders come through custom offers after being contacted anyway. I think maybe a wordcounter function would be a helpful tool for clients when doing this. Have them upload the script or paste it into a field and the words will be counted for them.

A nice guide to help them would work nicely.

  • Client visits your gig
  • Gets presented with the option to upload script, or to paste it in a box
  • Word count is performed
  • Price and extras presented to the client

I use to cound words. Something similar should be easy for Fiverr devs to set up. It might help.

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Cool! I had never seen before!

Yes that might be nice to have a counting tool, but clients have always had to provide either a word count or decide which package to purchase, which was up to XX words.

I haven’t seen any decline since I switched off of packages, but I have had a few sales on the new Broadcast Rights option, which is a big win for me.

I think it’s going to be a winner overall, but it still depends on us delivering value.

I’m also clear Fiverr IS looking to favor gigs at higher price points. I think that’s a major positive over time. People only selling volume at cheap prices will sink in the ratings over time IF others are able to sell higher priced gigs (working for me, and some others I know…)

I’m 24 hour deliver as my standard, but have two custom extras, my “Express Pass” (record your VO first the next time I start recording) and “Super Express” which is a 4 hour delivery.

Those are money makers for me. Same overall work, just change the order the recordings are done and earn more money.


That’s actually not a terrible idea. I’d never be able to guarantee a four hour window though. What happens if two people both order the express pass before you get back into the studio?

Im not a fan of one part of it which allows buyers to add on additional words at a flat rate. If something is over 200 words I always custom quote and I have now had to put this in bold writing in all my gigs.

I modified some and left some as normal to see if it made any difference to views etc… but it did not. I think the voiceover category in general has taken a hit after this people may find this too confusing. Too many options its much easier to custom quote someone if it is not a basic gig


Thanks to all who have replied. The majority of my jobs are ALSO done through Custom Offers, and the orders are starting to leak back in…but it’s still a significant drop. Of course there may be other things at play, but my ratings, response time, and all of that, are all close to 100%, reviews are great, etc.

I guess I’ll just continue to ride the waves of change and see how it all plays out. :slight_smile:

(I didn’t ever do the “packages” thing either, because it didn’t suit my workflow and offer structure at all, or give enough flexibility.)


This is an example of the kind of “slow downs” the new structure is causing. There simply isn’t enough information presented to tell a buyer what to do.

My “Super Express” says “4 hour guaranteed: MESSAGE ME FIRST”

In that case I have to be around my studio. (Since I do this full time, normally not an issue, but clearly I’m NOT doing that if I’m sleeping…)

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I’m sure you noted that you can have the extra words at a totally different rate. First 200 words at $5 (or whatever) and then $5 per extra 50 or 500 words, your choice. Usually you can find something that works. And it’s how all the other VOs are going to be priced, so asking for them to get a custom order increases your work load, and theirs…

(I’m NOT saying that’s a bad thing, it may be perfect for your gig.)

In my mind you’re making it too hard for potential clients and too much work for yourself. Again: I haven’t checked out your gig, so I’m probably missing something.

That was exactly my concern. I do this full time, but I also do podcasts, go to shows, and sleep, so four hours is tough for me. Still, I’m wondering what you do in the event that two people order the express pass to get their gig done first?

They still have to count the number of words in their script as before, just this time they are entering it in as a whole instead of doing piecemeal in their head to figure out the quantity of gigs to buy. How did you respond?