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The newly designed email messages we get when an order comes in are very nice!


Has anyone else noticed the nice looking emails we get when we get a new order?

They look like actual sales slips with the quantity and amount paid. Well done fiverr! :+1:


I thought they had changed! Glad it was not just me. LOL


Are you referring to this:

Or are you referring to this:



Neither one. The one we get as sellers when we get a new order is what I’m referring to, but it looks similar to the first one you showed.


Oopsie! I jumped in too quickly! :no_mouth:


@gina_riley2 No problem, it looks like they changed what the buyers get as well so I’m glad you showed that.


I love the second receipt better. Now I have something tangible for my taxes. I say about 2/3 of what I buy here is for business - although, lately, I’ve been buying 70 personal and maybe 30 business.


I think misscrystal meant this one-