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The No.1 Tip For Buyers (it's really easy)

READ, the end…
Seriously I’m sure it’s already a topic on here but more often than not a lot of buyers simply don’t or won’t do it! I mean please for the love of God and every hard working seller on here can you at least take a few seconds or minutes of your precious time to read The Fiverr FAQ/TOS and sellers gig/buying instructions?
If English isn’t your primary language then please notify the seller or maybe get someone to help you, ask the seller for some help or to maybe break it down a little clearer or use something like Google Translate for a general idea of what is required, simply ordering a gig blindly without any notification or requirements doesn’t help anyone, so I can’t stress this enough, start READING so it saves all of us the time, hassle and $, Fiverr will be a better place for it, trust me :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted this somewhere before, but even if Fiverr came up with a system where
every time the buyer clicked on “order,” a huge pop-up sign with flashing pink neon lights appears saying “DID YOU READ EVERYTHING??? ARE YOU SURE!??” and when you click “yes,” another sign pops up with neon green lights asking “SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU SURE? Did you read the part where it says the gig will not be delivered in 2 days UNLESS you pay for the gig extra???” or something like that, people will still just click “yes” without reading the whole thing carefully…unless some hologram-ish grim reaper image comes out of the screen and forces you to read through the instructions out loud with him listening…

It really makes me wonder why, juuuuuust why some people don’t read. It’s amazing.
I just want to grab some random buyer ( who did not read, of course), sit him/her down,
and ask them directly to their faces: Why didn’t you read?? Are you that lazy?? Are you that stupid?? You are stupid, you know that, right?? I’d like to believe that you had somewhat of a decent level of education, but you can’t or won’t read??? How dumb are you?? I wonder what they will say if I ever asked them that…
Sorry, I know I am sounding mean, but I really want to ask them. I know there is no point in asking, but still. I just want to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

The buyers can ignore my mean post, but I hope at least they pay attention to r3k0d3d’s wonderful post up there!!

Microsoft word is a good translation software. There are even some good web based ones where you can copy and paste paragraphs for translation from and to any language. Using our old friend Google to find them shouldn’t be tough.

Mr. Zeus 777,

I am a new seller. This is why I have not faced such experience which you have. I can say only one thing that every user should be careful about the ins and outs of this site.

Mr. Zeus 777,

I am a new seller. This is why I have not faced such experience which you have. I can say only one thing that every user should be careful about the ins and outs of this site.

I made this post because I’m sick to death of buyers blindly ordering gigs without reading my instructions or even listening to me via PM, esp if I’m sending a request for a job in the buyers request market, I specifically state every time, “DO NOT ORDER THE GIG FIRST! Please send me a message first so we can set up the gig because I may have gigs with priority or because of time constraints, thank you”. Not only that but I state it two other times within the gig itself, so I’m sorry but if ppl can’t read it three times then I really have no sympathy for them when I tell them I’m not doing the gig and they can look elsewhere, they can get as uppity as they want but it’s not my fault they either can’t read or didn’t bother to!
End Rant :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what’s even more annoying is when these fools don’t bother to read and then have the nerve to attack you for their failure to do so? I mean I just had one of these cretins attack me because they failed to read or comprehend what we agreed to, basically was told I could do the gig in my own time and they had no time constraints, then they went ahead and ordered 4 gigs, without even bothering to consult me first, plus what they wanted was simply impossible to do with the music they sent, which was completely different to the sample mix they sent which they said they wanted something similar to, I mean come on, you can’t expect one thing and then completely change it at the last second and expect the same end result and then wonder why your gigs have been cancelled? FFS :frowning:

Bleh I had a long winded msg but decided to delete it, no point harping on the issue because it’s never going to stop, LOL