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The offer that I accepted in Buyer's Request

I failed :sob:
How can I recover from that??

Are you saying you did the job, but your client did not like it? Or are you saying you failed to get a job that you had an offer on? :thinking:

The first one. It was my first job ever and I screw up :tired_face::tired_face::cry:

I see you haven’t got your first review. Did you screw up and had to cancel?

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Just deliver the best work you can next time. Learn from the experience. If you need to train/practice anything you could also do that. You could also ensure the gigs you have active are the ones you are the best at and the offers you send to buyer requests are ones you are the most sure you can do as well as possible (assuming you can still send offers to buyer requests and that the cancellation hasn’t affected that).

You could also let future buyers know that you can do revisions if necessary. Try not to get future cancellations so it doesn’t affect your stats and ensure the the buyer isn’t trying to get free work or anything like that.

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This is why I was asking @magicjokerhate if he had to cancel.

As he has no level and no reviews, cancelation was the best thing that could happen to him as it won’t affect him for now.

If the buyer had given him a bad review, that could have been a disaster for him, fdue to not having enough reviews to absorb that bad one, bringing down his rate preventing him from accessing BR.


Ok here’s the update…he was thinking of a cancellation but then he gave me a revision so I can change things now
But the reason why I was upset/panicking was because I didn’t want a bad review on my first job

Does it affect my on time rate if the order period is over but the revision starts right after?

If you delivered on time, you are OK. Problems arise when your delivery is late.

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Alright I see…
Update: he ended up cancelling it

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Feel happy !!! That was the best option for you !!!

Try not screwing up again, maybe next time you won’t have such luck of a buyer cancelling.!

I always say to practice the best you can. Fiverr is not for amateurs. Sellers are experienced technicians and creatives (or should be).:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I will do better next time if someone accepts me that is

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I’m not an amateur but I guess even pros have a long way to go

I you don’t mind telling, did you screw up due to delivering late?

No, it was that I messed up but the person couldn’t wait anymore so he cancelled because he doesn’t think I couldn’t finish in time
And he was right. Google sheets keep crashing and I didn’t have the patience

Could you have tried an alternative like Excel or an open source alternative? Or tried a different browser to see if that helped with the crashing issue?

I did at first but I realized it changed some of the formulas in the cell if I change it to Excel. And the different browser didn’t help and I even try all of the troubleshoot for an unresponsive page, nothing worked


So, first of all, I think you should reconsider your delivery time. Set it in such a way that it would take into account possible problems that could arise (such as the one you have described).

Second, practice cultivating patience. Without it, you’ll get into a lot of trouble.


So if you have issues with Google Sheets you could either see if those can be fixed or say on your gig that your gig is only for Excel [or any other prog that you use].

eg. don’t say “any Database and Spreadsheet programs.” but be specific (eg. Excel).

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