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The one and only question why there are so many Gigs related to Instagram Email Scraping on Fiverr

How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I myself Malik Huzaifa from assuretech, today i recieved my first TOS warning. The question is simple from my side
I beg you to search for the services related to Instagram. Facebook, etc email scraping on Fiverr, they’re actually a lot in number. Why these guys are not getting warning etc some of them have got orders more than 20-30, Am I am the only one who is violating Fiverr Terms and Services, I respect Fiverr terms and services but there must be equality with all of the sellers some of the sellers are good with these type of Gig.
Kindly just answer this question, I have got many skills such as Logo Designing, Data Entry to which I can create Gig related to them. But I request you to clear my point.
In the end, it’s my fault bu but again what about other sellers?.
Is there any way to create gig?


The ones with their gigs still up haven’t been caught yet.

You see the gigs that are still up, you don’t see all the gigs that were removed already.


Thanks for your Reply!
But some of sellers are level 2 and they’re not being caught!

Some have created their gigs years ago, while they were still allowed, and the staff haven’t noticed them yet.

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect account.


HI Dude,
I want to know that, Can i create gig related to Instagram, Facebook DM marketing or it’s is not allowed.

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Dude dude,

Yes you can, but not for the one you got warning. And if you find people offering same as you have been reported, you can report them too (use flag in corner and report them).

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Thanks at least you guys are best as i have been waiting for Fiverr Support reply for almost 10 days :heartbeat: :wave:

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Probably yes, if it doesn’t include spamming people.

Again sorry if I am disturbing you but please assist me with the below service Can I create Gig on this category. This guy actually created a Gig on this category.

MOD NOTE: Screenshot Removed

Email lists are often used for spamming, so it could be risky.

Keep in mind that if you want an official answer, you’ll have to ask Customer Support(and wait for their answer). If you create that gig and get in trouble, saying that someone on the forum told you it was all right to do it isn’t going to help.

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Thanks for reply!
You are totally right as it might be a risky to create Gig.
But fiverr customer support said that they’re in the list of spammer and will get denied soon but i think it’s not equality on such a great Platform because the person i sent to you clearly mentioned "scraping email from social media and received 191 orders.
Fiverr must notice this issue! :frowning_face:

So you report him.
Find the profiles of all the people and click the flag icon and report them.

That is the only way Fiverr will know.

If you want them to notice, report that gig.

Or you could focus your time and energy on creating gigs that are allowed. If you have skills for them, of course.

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