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The ONE to choose if you want photoshop work to be done!

Choosing the right gig can be difficult, some say they deliver a professional work, but when I look to the comments and I see the deliverd work, I am sometimes amazed by the bad quality of the photo editing work.

For example a photo where the background is removed and replaced by a black one, al fine but when you look at it it is realy done by an amateur, the photo is cut out like the seller cut it with a scissor, and the color tones of the person is not matching the black background, so at the end the photo looks very fake and unreal, yet the buyer is totally happy about the service!

And what frustrates me most is that the seller has 1000+ sales! And here I am with my professional editing work and I have not a single sale!

So to all potential buyers of photoshop work please consider my work!

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