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The only messages I get are *********** people who want to use my Upwork account

I joined Fiverr a few days ago to earn extra money.

I’m a professional with several years and 20,000 hours’ experience at what I do.

I was very excited when my Gmail inbox showed a new email from Fiverr “You’ve received messages from Nnnnnn.

Cool! A gig already! I clicked the “View and Reply” link in the Gmail, and ended up at my Fiverr Messages page. The email was from a user who asked me to click on a link to a TXT file in Fiverr that told me how the user was *********** and they would pay me $ 150 a month if I let them use my US Upwork account. The message was much longer but that was the idea. And I don’t have an Upwork account.

Today, about three days later my Fiverr Messages page has FIVE of these messages from five different users.


But, I don’t have any real offers to buy my professional services.

And if I mark these emails as Spam in GMail then if anyone ever does send me a real offer for what I do I won’t know about it.

Does anybody know how to set Fiverr to not allow BS emails like this to be sent to me?

Does anybody know how to set Fiverr to ONLY allow real emails to be sent to my Gmail?

Thank you for your help.


BTW Because once in a while I’m a nice person I let these *********** guys know all they need to do is pay less than 20 USD a month to get a US based Windows VPS server and do what ever they want online from the US that way. I just saved them each 130 a month! :slight_smile:

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Now I just got a SIXTH message like this!

And somebody in the Fiverr community flagged my post so nobody will learn about this and nobody will be able to tell me how to stop Fiverr spam email from coming at me.


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Why would somebody FLAG my post when it is making Fiverr and the community aware of a real for real problem on Fiverr?

The answer is in the mod note above. Don’t name any users even if they are spammers.

This is a common issue that won’t change just by informing people it will happen. They target new users because they hope they are desperate and will agree.
I find it odd how upsetting you find it though. Fiverr can’t go through each of your messages to see if it’s valid or not. It’s just an irritating spam thing, make sure to respond/report it so it won’t affect your response rate and then forget about it. Takes a minute at most.


@chrisellerwpseo - mark them as spam in your Fiverr inbox. That way, all genuine Fiverr messages will get through to you.

Maybe a bit late now …


It is layers of irritating. I joined Fiverr because I thought people bought professional services.

I’m professional and though I’ve only been here a few days no the only email I get is from six people doing this stuff.

So, I guess I need to lighten up that I’ve spent ten+ hours carefully and professionally setting up my gigs and Fiverr can’t stop this.

How would Fiverr stop that and filter them?
How frustrating would it be if Fiverr accidentally blocked an interesting message?

I’m sure you are professional and everything else but it’s difficult to get started on Fiverr when your gigs are higher priced - I’m sure you offer value but people like to see a couple of reviews on a profile so there is some level of social proof to your gig descriptions/claims.


Couldn’t they add spam filtering (or more)? Or try OCR on any images attached.
Or maybe require more from an initial message from a buyer than one word in the text? Or maybe make sure the requirements are put in the message text (or another form Fiverr can check) or an attached document rather than a link if the link and it’s contents can’t be checked automatically by Fiverr.

They already do auto-flag some messages as spam (even though Fiverr can then decrease a seller’s response rate because of that message).

Just keep marking them as spam. Ironically, that U site is a waste of time. I tried it many years ago, and even before it was rebranded and got zero orders.

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Hello Chris, after you’ve been a seller for a while they will stop. I know it’s frustrating but it’s like an initiation new sellers go through in a way.

It may take a while before you get some orders, particularly if you charge more than most other new sellers in your category. There’s a lot of competition but it’s worth the wait, and initial frustrations.

Also, they know about VPS. That’s not really going to help them as what they probably want is to scam the new seller in some way. They might even already be using it. Since they are looking for people they can scam don’t bother being nice to them.


These are all great ideas but you know they used not mark messages as spam. Then they added the auto-flag when people sent the same message multiple times which confuses and annoys some buyers who legitimately contact a few sellers while the actual spammers just change their messages a little bit.
The latest one of those messages I got had an attachment which had ****** instead of Uplabour so a scan wouldn’t have shown that up. Basically I would prefer Fiverr focus on the bigger issues than this type of thing which spammers will just find a way around after a few days.
I just don’t see it as such a big deal to be overly worried about when it takes little to no time to deal with ourselves. You can get spam messages to your email, through your website form etc. It’s pretty easy to spot a spam message and respond.


Spam is the least of our problems. :slightly_smiling_face:


Though spam messages are the most likely to be some sort of scam too, which may lead to a user’s machine being compromised (or ID fraud or other fraud) or viruses/malware, if Fiverr’s checker doesn’t find it or it’s at a link that is in the message where the page contents isn’t checked by Fiverr.