The Oranje Story


Well I guess it all started once upon a time when a man met a lady and then fell in love. How slushy.

Annie (Oranjegirl) and myself met in Seattle one cold evening when she hosted me on a site called Couch Surfing. We became close friends quickly and started to learn that we wanted to be with each other at all times hehe. Like two magnets colliding forever.

We got started on Fiverr with thanks to Mr. Cornwell’s Facebook posts about his earnings on Fiverr whilst in Bangkok. That was more than enough for me to get intrigued about and then investigate further. A few months on and I convince OG to get her arse on here and then it literally was a whirlwind. From great job to great job we managed to pick up some Gold Badges along the way.

Recently we have being in Seattle helping some family out for a few months as you can really get caught up in a spin if you dedicate yourself to Fiverr like we tend to do. I think we have completed over 5000 jobs since we started and are only looking on ways to expand.

Currently in Jamaica and then we shall be heading to Miami for a week to hang out like Michael Western and Fiona Glenanne, then off to New York to say Hi to the Fiverr Team :wink: :wink: Then back to England and on…

I’m sure we will keep you updated!

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and of course my OG


Isn’t it too expensive to travel that often? This is a common notion for travelling and would like to know how you handle your expenses. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see you and Oranjegirl’s pictures. Upload now!


Haha, I love the Burn Notice reference. (Awesome TV show, just finished watching an episode!)


Sam Axe is so funny with his little euphemisms flying out left right and center.


Cool cheers OBG :slight_smile:

Have you been to Jamaica yet? You should pop over it’s a great laugh!


Exotic hehe. Jamaica is just a beach with some coconuts! China would be Exotic for Americans.

Sad to here that your health effects you in life to explore. :slight_smile: Where is your favorite part of the states?


@oranjewebdesign says: "Jamaica is just a beach with some coconuts! "

I also liveby a Jamaica, but it is not that one. :-*


Where do you live?


New York. There’s a Jamaica queens. Not quite sun, beaches, and resorts, but they do have a Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and a huge train station if that counts for anything. LOL


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Oranje, If you and Annie want to meet me in New York for a cup of coffee, let me know. We’ll talk Fiverr in person.



I doubt we will have time this time round we are literally stopping for a day and have to work as well as attempt to see some sights :slight_smile:


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: What??? You’re attempting to do New York in one day? You’ll never put it off. LOL


Haha we have one full day and one day where we are traveling all around. It’s ok! we have been to New York 5 times before.

We just want to do some shopping maybe go and have a walk round C park!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I really like Scottsdale as well. Haven’t heard of Coronado before. Will have to look that up.


Is that not suppose to be Corolado or is that a made up place as well :slight_smile: ?


    • Mean I posted something and now I want to delete it but I can’t.

      We are currently sat in Kingston, Jamaica Airport (Norman Manley) and awaiting our flights to return to the USA. We are heading into Miami where we will be getting a rental and driving all over the place. The plan is to drive down to key west and then back up.

      Has anyone ever done this??

      I’m looking on Google Earth and I swear we are driving on Ocean half the way…


We made it to Key West. It is very wet around these parts, there seems to be water everywhere. **==

We took some great pictures today and will have to upload a few. Will be driving back to Miami in a few days. We here Dexter is on the lose!!


Well the good thing that we do is take steps to achieving it. When we were in Thailand we made a point of going to Cambodia and Malaysia two times. The train was like $5 to another country.

In Europe many country’s are so close together if you have a car it can make it quite cheap to drive around. Also as travel writers we manage to do a lot of negotiations with hotel and guesthouse owners.