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The order auto delivered in 3 days!


Now thiz is really unfortunate, while after delivery the order but the clients goes off-line & the result I lost a review , though client was so much happy with my work before.
My question is there anyway out , If client available after few days later whether she’ll able to rate the order ?


The order is automatically completed (not delivered). The client still have a few days to rate your service.


Thanks for your reply !
Since the order delivered 3 days ago & I was awaiting for client feedback. But today I got notified “Order was automatically marked as complete”
So Is there still have any chance fiverr allow to rate the order until client accept the delivery !


@mohamedhassan33 has already answered you. Please read more carefully:

You did not “lose” a review. Clients who want to leave reviews do it. Some clients do not want to leave a review and this is fine. Leave the buyer alone and they will decide what they want to do.


Yes, we should not ask buyer for review.


Okay got this now. It’s totally depends on client if they want.
Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:


I never ask client for review.


Maybe buyers able to leave it after 10 days of delivery.