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The Order Completion System needs an update

Hi there,

I think the system of how the Order Completion Rate is calculated needs an update.

As a German copywriter, I only write German content (Blog posts, web copy, …). It’s in the title, the Gig image, the description and also “English” is not activated as a language for the Gig to be found. Stil, 3-4 buyers a month manage to order without asking prior and demand English content. I cancel all these orders.

This is why I almost never have a 100% completion rate. Right now, it’s particularly bad – my rate is at the lowest ever. What if I risk losing my current level because of this? Even if not, it still looks bad and might deter potential buyers.

In my opinion, “ordered by mistake” shouldn’t negatively impact the completion rate at all.

What do you think? Do you have similar experiences? What can a seller do to provide this?


I feel for you and definitely agree. From reading this forum you can see that many Buyers are upset when a deliverable isn’t what they expected because they paid $$ for it, but many also don’t seem to vet what they’re getting before they order. In your case, it’s simple: You have done all you can to discourage random orders, and can easily show this person simply didn’t read or pay attention before ordering (as long as CS listens). For now, I would at least attempt to reach out to CS with proof every time. It can’t hurt! And maybe it will help them realize this is a big problem.

Otherwise, I wonder what Fiverr can add to the system or do to investigate whether it is truly a “mistake” buy in a way that will work long-term. It seems like such a ridiculous excuse on a Buyer’s part that to then have your cancellation rate affected is a double whammy.

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To my knowledge, buyers cannot see your completion rate. A low rate does affect level, but you cannot do work that you cannot do.

It would be nice to at least have an option tree for bringing this issue to CS’s attention more easily.


An option tree is a great idea, at the very least.

I agree with you!!!