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The &()%$! Order/Contact issue, AGAIN!


At the very top, they have a BIG GREEN BUTTON, to order. The CONTACT is a little link, under the Read Me part.

How bad has this become? Well, for starters, it gave me such a low ranking, that one of my gigs is only running at the basic; by default, I can’t have extras! It’s not as much of a bother, as it’s not my main gig…

HOWEVER, I’m now having this problem with my main fiverr gig! The person placed an order, without providing me any images, other than “download them from the web site.” It turned out that about HALF of them I downloaded aren’t images that are related to the video project I’m commissioned to work on! On top of that, the person wants the video more “realistic,” but my gigs work on a combination of whiteboard, basic cartoon animation, and kinetic text! I did tell them that I can download the video that they wanted me to use as a script, and incorporate that into a NEW video project, because I don’t think I should have to do a whole new video project, when the errors were caused by fiverr, not me.

You should set up mandatory requirements for your buyer to submit. Do you have those or do you know how to set it up?

This is more user error than Fiverr error. Any buyer who puts creative control at your fingertips (“download them from the website”) deserves what they get. The problem with this platform is 99% of all users (buyers/sellers) don’t know how to do a g******n brief. From what you’ve said of the “brief” for this project, it’s a g******n mess.

That’s not Fiverr’s fault.