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The order I just got was

…Interesting. To say the least. So I run a gig where I deliver twitter marketing for people. Shoutouts basically, to our broader audience. I had a purchaser recently place an order, and the content they wanted pushed to our followers was basically salacious reality tv stuff. About a reality tv star being sued for something. We don’t traffic in that sort of content. But what made things even crazier was, the purchaser also included an attachment of a legal document to include in the tweet!

This is similar to how sometimes you visit gossip columns or entertainment websites (TMZ), and within the article you also see a copy of the legal papers mentioned in said article? Needless to say, using the resolution center, we contacted the client and explained to them that we would not deliver the order, and they had 48 hours to come up with replacement content. They never answered, and thus the order was cancelled today.

The audacity of some people though. Never ceases to amaze. :thinking: :grimacing:


Bad happens sometimes bro @nickj2013 . But however according to TOS, clients are always right… :frowning: