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The Order is cancelled and I did it since April 08, 2018

I am really totally surprised about this action right now !!!
This order I did it since April 08, 2018 , Also The buyer gave me 3.7 STARS and a review " it was good " , so how it possible to get now a notifcation that this order is canceled ? Also that’s effected my balance on Fiverr and effected the % of the order compeltion ?
Please how this possible ? , because on Fiverr , I know when the time of the cancelation that possible , Also how can be the seller gave me a review and he cancel? and more than 2 months !
I contact the support , but I dont even find my request on the Active Requests !
Please can you explain me what’s going on Fiverr ? or advice me what’s the solution to get my money again or to conact the support!
thank you

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If you search for PayPal Chargeback in the search bar :mag: , you wil find this has happened to many sellers. :confounded:


But what’s the reason ?
what I did wrong ? :confused:

Thank you so much for answer

You did not do anything wrong. Some Buyers (sneaky ones) will do a Chargeback through PayPal to get your work for free. Fiverr closes their Fiverr accounts, but the Seller still loses their :money_with_wings: :disappointed_relieved: In addition some of these Buyers will create new accounts and come back on Fiverr to steal again. :rage:


Thank you so much again , Really this make me feel so dispointed to know to read this , I dont even imagine that’s can be possible , I always Think that Fiverr can Protect my money when I do not something wrong!

Fiverr can do nothing about PayPal policies. Fiverr loses their 20% too. :neutral_face:


Yes , I think the same :expressionless:
it’s the worst feeling!