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The Order Page 🤫

I strongly dislike the order page and how it opens a second chat with my clients. These messages are much less likely to appear in my notifications, and the chat sacrifices the incredibly useful file drag-and-drop ability, and for what? Annotations? No thanks. Even those are a problem since you have to exit the screen before they are saved, for reasons unknown.


I don’t have the luxury of constantly checking each individual order page in case a customer has commented. It wastes their time and mine. There’s also an occasional lag spike in my conversations, making it seem like I’m ignoring my client unless I constantly hit the refresh button. The order page is chaos.:crocodile::snake::t_rex::comet:

Why is it difficult to have everything rolled up in the same chat page that we first chat with our customers? Two chats means I have to flip back to the original chat in case I missed an important detail from our framework discussion. It’s pure masochism. :man_cartwheeling:

Since this seems to be a permanent UI fixture, I’ve just resorted to ignoring the order page if at all possible. Immediately after an order is placed (when the customer is directed to that garbage) I keep talking in the original chat to draw them back into the light. Unfortunately, I do have to make a delivery at some point, only heightening the confusion when the customer has to interact with… the order page - bleh.:volcano:

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It makes perfect sense.

An order chat is a record of that order.

If you had multiple orders all in one chat you’d have no record to support yourself with.

Also, it protects buyers. If you make an order and didn’t have a conversation with the seller first, once the order is closed they cant contact you.

Buyers would be majorly harassed if every seller they’ve bought from could keep messaging them.

It really isn’t hard to keep track of which message throws you’re writing in.

But unless you do make the effort, things could go wrong thereby costing you far more time in trying to correct the situation.

Really? Ok. Interesting. I hope your buyers aren’t reading this!

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You have everything rolled up on the order page. You can see the conversation from the inbox there, too.

EDIT: You don’t seem to have any active gigs? If you have two or more accounts, are you aware that it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and that all of your accounts could get permanently banned.?

No, I did not know that. I also have no idea how I have two accounts. When I decided to come here & post, I assumed I would still be logged in under my actual account, but I was logged out. I tried logging in via my Google account, and then my FB account, both logged me in under this username. My guess is that I created this ages ago before I decided to sell here. I do recall that when I set up my actual account that it gave me an error when I tried linking Google & FB. I’m surprised that the system didn’t see what was happening and alert me.

Regardless, I’ll see if I can deactivate this. Thanks for the heads up.