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The order was canceled, but the customer USES THE VIDEO. Customer Support doesn't answer me

So this is my third topic on this order. I would have prefered this is over and done with but Customer Support doesn’t answer and doesn’t care at all!

I have been sending customer support messages almost every week for more than a month

This is the latest I have sent, with the proof. 8 days later I see it as “solved” and there is no answer to my ticket.

Is this really what Fiverr become? Buyers can just lie, get their money back and use the video on top of it? I am not even talking about the 1 star the buyer gave me, my profile has gone 1000s of impressions a day to 60 a day.


Hi there.

While I don’t know the whole story, I do see why you are frustrated.

Extremely bad experience aside, I think by sending messages to the only people that may be able to help you using this tone and language, is probably a bad idea.


I have send like 30 messages to CS explaining my side, none of them were answered, or even read. It has been more than a month, my profile has gone down in ranking, and I have literally send them the proof that the customer lied and still uses the video.

And I still don’t get any answer. I have been calm and they treat me the same.


Well spamming them won’t do you any good either.

Do you know how many requests they have to take on since this whole pandemic started?

There is no way they don’t have a protocol in place that allows them to bypass multiple messages on cases they can’t do anything about, just to save time and help other users.


From what I hear CS is quite bad atm. I just saw a post from another user with a screenshot of a message from CS riddled with mistakes and typos, the CS guy clearly didn’t speak english well. I get that things are delayed due to the pandemic and whatnot, but Fiverr should really look into the quality of their customer support, way too many horror stories for all of them to be fake or unfair on CS.

Just stay calm, and wait. I get it, this shouldn’t happen. I’d advise you to vet your buyers more carefully - when you can’t trust CS to solve things fairly you need to ensure you’re not open to exploitative buyers.

Aside from that, if the client is using a video he didn’t pay for, it’s within your rights to copyright strike him. He didn’t pay, you retain the copyright and he doesn’t get to use the video.


It is explained here: Customer Support is a joke. They don't care about sellers at all


Yeah, that’s absolutely unacceptable. And all the people on that thread bending over backwards to make excuses is just sad. If I send a customer a request for a time extension and he accepts it, that’s the end of that, he can’t then use that as a reason to cancel.

I would like to see more accountability on CS’s part. If I, as a seller, break any rule, all hell breaks loose. Hell, if I take more than 24 hours to reply to a client, I’ll get hit on my stats, possibly demoting me. CS can apparently take as long as they want and say whatever they want (up to and including false information or things that directly contradict the TOS) and nothing happens to them.


@loathen OK that was quite a story to go through.

Did you actually send out a time extension request via the resolution center?

And the buyer accepted?


I assumed that, since he said the buyer agreed to the extension. If he didn’t send an official request, then things are more complicated indeed. In any case, the buyer has no right to use the work and not pay just because it was late (specially since he agreed to in writing, even if no formal request was sent).


I think that’s the only part where things are kind of murky.

I don’t think there’s anything we can do right now for several reasons but examining certain aspects of this would help the OP to figure out what went wrong and avoid this type of thing in the future.


Yeah, they may be technically murky, but there are screenshots of the buyer saying it’s fine and “good work” ater the delivery, so that should be more than enough to show that the buyer is the shady actor in this situation.

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Here is the first topic: I am fed up. CS unjust order cancelation. AGAIN


Agreed, but in these types of situations the CS agent is trained to go with what violated the ToS.

Thank you @lloydsolutions, always with the assist!


Hmm, there’s something in that last link I didn’t like, at all. “The work took me 20 hours to do so I couldn’t deliver in 24 hours”. Yet the seller agreed to 24 hour delivery.

The client is still very shady in my book, definitely not in the clear, but the seller played himself to an extent.

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There’s soooo much to unpack here.

The original thread is eye-opening.

The client is definitely pushy and over-demanding.

However, if you notice it all goes south the minute the OP starts attacking them, about the whole “lack of communication” thing.

And that’s 6 hours after the client asked the source files, and the OP was unavailable to respond.

That definitely made things hostile.

Yeah, tough situation. The client had no right to demand source files though, that’s another point that must be highlighted. I never deliver (or promise to deliver) source files for any reason, if a client starts demanding them things are not going to end well. I don’t guarantee any response time either, that’s not in the contract. The time limit is to deliver the finished project I agreed to, nothing else.


I demand” = if I saw a ticket that spoke to me like that I would make them wait till February the 31st before I replied.

Manners cost nothing, but not having any can be very costly.


Yes, that.

Never, ever accept to deliver source files without at least a 40% additional fee.

Also, to be fair, you can’t quote someone $250 to deliver in 24 hours and then ask for more time.

Technically speaking, that’s a huge no-no.

You asked for that amount so you’d rush it.

You essentially guaranteed it.

It’s not the client’s fault you didn’t account for the time difference or your personal time.

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That’s true, the client would have grounds to cancelation then and there. But once the client accepts the extension, that’s that - he has no further rights to cancel based on it. He can of course mention that in the review, but that’s it.

Yes, but at the same time the OP chose to aggravate them.

So it’s anyone’s guess there.
(I mean how the client will respond.)