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The order will be marked as completed after 3 days?

what will happen if the buyer doesn’t respond and the order will be marked as completed after 3 days?
is any way to get ranking after the order complete

Sorry for the bad English


The Buyer is not obligated to leave a review (if that’s what you are asking), but you may get one.

As for ranking, this is not Google.

Fiverr works differently.

Your completion rate will improve after the 3-day period for the job to be automatically accepted passes.

I hope this helps.


Just be happy with the fact that the order is completed and closed. Anything else like a review or tip is entirely optional and completely up to the buyer.

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Thanks for your kind response

Thanks for your kind reply

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The buyer will have to mark work as completed or not. Either way Fiverr already charged them.


You will get your fund. No worries. If the buyer come back and asked you for revision then you should help him/her.

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R :grinning:ank will get you up you just need to get going on.


Give us an update?How did it go?

The buyer didn’t respond and order was automatically marked as complete.