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The order will consider as a late delivery?

Hi Guys,

One of my client order a gig and later she asked me to postponed for next week. But the gig delivery time is 3 days almost over (Remaining few hours). I sent request her to extend the delivery time but she is not online since her last message. The order will consider as a late delivery while opening the request?

What should I do to avoid late delivery?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, it will be considered a late delivery. There isn’t much you can do about it, since the client doesn’t respond. You could ask CS to cancel the order because the buyer is not responding, that would give you 2 additional days for the buyer to react, but it might be considered late anyways if the order doesn’t end up getting cancelled. Also, CS currently takes about 10 days to respond so really, there isn’t much you can do I’m afraid.


Thank you for your response!

I’m scared! about to losing my level 1 badge recently I got. :worried:

How many orders have you completed in the last 60 days and wha’ts your order delivered on time rate?

I believe if the client accepts your resolution before the new proposed deadline, it won’t count as late. Is that false?

P.S. OP - don’t worry too much about levels. When I first started out I fluctuated quite a bit between level 2 and level 1 while I was figuring out my routine, and it never affected my sales. The most important thing is consistently good work, not levels.


8 order I completed within last 60 days and the on time delivery rate is 100%. Does it affect a lot for one order?

It will affect your on-time delivery, yes - but as I said above, I believe that if the buyer accepts the resolution BEFORE the proposed deadline passes, you’ll be fine.

I believe that providing good work consistently increase reputation but you know as a new seller level inspire a lot.

I’m not actually sure about this, I never had that happen. But shouldn’t the stat also only go down by the time the order is completed?

Thank you! I hope she will come back in time.

you can deliver the order first, and explain to the client that since the order has started from Fiverr, there’s no way you can stop it. And let your client know that you’re still able to help even when the gig is delivered.

OR you can contact CS and explain the situation so that they can pause or extend the delivery time

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CS reply to lately these days. I’m planning to deliver the gig with drafts work where she stopped me and I will explain her the situation, telling that she can ask for revision when back. It will work? what you think?

yes that can be one solution. Otherwise, you can go to the resolution centre and choose extend delivery time. I

I already open request for extend delivery time but still will consider this order as a late delivery. To avoiding late delivery I’m planning to do that as I told you previous reply. I’m not sure what will happen next from Fiverr.

Do not deliver while the order is marked as late.

I have had clients agree to extend the delivery date but then forget to accept the resolution until after the original deadline passes. As long as they still accept it BEFORE the new deadline it will go back into pending mode and will no longer be late.

It’s been a long time but I’m sure I’ve been in this situation more than once and that was the outcome.


Your stat might drop below 90% because if you had 10 orders of which one order was delivered late, it would be exactly 90% delivered on time.
In other words, for this to not affect your level, you would need to complete a total of 13-14 orders until the 15th of next month I think.

The order still in time. 2 hours remaining. I’m totally confused. If I deliver the gig with drafts work and explain the thing it will break Fiverr TOS?

My be I should not deliver the gig until she back and complete the work.

One more thing Fiverr always say that late delivery will decrees sales 10%. How does it affects?

Who said that?
It only affects you until you increase your delivery time again, so you might notice a decrease in messages for a few days but if you have returning buyers there shouldn’t be any longterm consequences.

By the way, yes it is a violation if you deliver empty orders, what if you deliver and she doesn’t come back within 3 days to ask for a revision, then the order would be automatically marked as completed and then you can expect the buyer to complain about that.
And if fiverr finds out you might get a warning which I believe affects your account more than one late delivery.