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The order will consider as a late delivery?

Fiverr always say that late delivery will decrees sales 10%

Could you provide a source for this? Never heard that before.

Thank you so much! I take this advise. You guyz are awesome!

Actually I see it on my order page as notice/suggestion message. I have not screenshot of that. There was a close button I hit it and its gone.

Is it this notification?

“Oh Dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity”

Had to go back to a forum post from 2015 to find any mention of it. Keep in mind it says can, not does or will. It isn’t a guarantee.

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Yes, the same notification. Thank you for the clarification. I will find out more.

Also I’m curious - did the buyer say why they wanted the order to be postponed? It seems very strange to place an order and then ask for it to be postponed immediately afterwards.

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Just says… She got issue with her content. It must need to re-write and it will take a week.

Update: Buyer is back in time and accept my extended delivery request!

Thank you all guys.


Hi, thanks for your comment. I have a query regarding late delivery/extra time request and was wondering if you could help me out. My specific situation is this:

Since I already knew I would need more time to complete the order, yesterday I requested extra time (1 day) before the delivery time was due. Now my work is ready to be delivered, but the buyer has not accepted the Request, although he told me he was okay with it through Fiverr chat. Now it’s been almost 24 hours since I placed the Request and he hasn’t accepted it yet.


Now, my question is this: should I deliver the order before the 24 hours of extra time requested are due, or should I wait for him to accept the Request?

What I’m trying to avoid is getting a hit in my stats for late delivery, which is why I requested the extra time early in the first place.

Thanks in advance.

Cancel the offer ASAP and send another one for 48+ hours extension. It’s possible that the buyer won’t accept it before the new 24-hour extension has elapsed, and if they do, it will be marked as late when you deliver it, and then when they do accept it, the order will be re-opened again and you’ll be forced to re-deliver. Honestly, it’s such a confusing system that really needs to be tweaked.

Open another resolution for at least a 48-hours extension, send the buyer a polite message saying their order is ready and could they please accept the extension request ASAP, and then make sure you’re on standby to deliver as soon as they accept it.

If they don’t get back to you in a decent amount of time, you may want to just take the hit to your on-time deliveries and deliver. The resolution centre isn’t very clear to many buyers and they may get irritated with the confusing, “already delivered but the order is reopened and automatically marked as late” thing because it is confusing frankly.

Up to you how you proceed, but the order will be marked as late if you deliver now even if they accept the offer later.


In this case there’s another option always be open that if the order is late over 24 hours “Buyer able to cancel the order”. I think its very risky. If client cancel the order instead accept the extended request (Consciously or not) it will also affect rating. Be aware of that.

Lets share your short experiences here how the order complete in the end.

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I see. This is how it went for me:

After posting my previous comment, the buyer kindly accepted the Request before the 24-hour extension had elapsed. Thus, I could deliver the order in the last 40 minutes or so.

However, it is good to know how the system works to prevent any hit to the on-time deliveries. Your comment was very informative.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.

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Oh good, I’m really happy to hear it worked out :slight_smile: You’re very welcome! There are lots of little tricks you have to learn through trial and error on this site to avoid the weird bugs/confusing features. This is definitely a handy one to know!


You’re very kind, gwyneth_galvin.

It is indeed. Thank you for replying.

Cheers! :wink: