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The ordering system is confusing

I made my first ever Fiverr order. I ordered 2 gigs as the seller said to add $5 to cover extra words,plus I added $10 to get HD on the video. For whatever reason, Fiverr split my order into 2 separate gigs and it didn’t show tha detail that I requested HD. All in all it made my Fiverr experience confusing. The seller didn’t see that I wanted HD and did something else instead. Why didn’t Fiverr show the options I clicked on in the order status or invoice??? It didn’t show this on my receipt even though it showed in my shopping cart. This is confusing and the seller thought I was being vague by not saying what I wanted even though it should have said on the order, but it didn’t.

Sorry to hear about your experience @andreamai798

I haven’t encountered that bug before. Must be with the process as well. But granted that the seller sees that there’s some irregularities with the buyer payment, the seller should have confirmed what the unusual amount is for.

Now I would do that if I were the seller, but not all sellers are the same, some could get lost with all the others placed specially if there’s a long queue already, it’s hard to keep track sometimes, and some consider that as a tip given in advance.

What you could do is still clearly state (best in bullet points) what you wanted and expect. That way if the order doesn’t show right, both seller or buyer can ask and fix the issue, like how you added an extra gig for the words, coz you ordered 1 gig less to cover the entire thing.

I like communicative buyers, it makes work a lot easier when they give out clear instructions and clear expectations, specially in a marketplace like this.

Fiverr is has been working on the order enhancements so your order might have been affected by the change. In the future, after ordering and making changes to the order, try to re-iterate in one message everything that you expect from the order placed.