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The page of my customer doesn't exist anymore

Hi everyone, I just got an easy quick order from a user. He asked for a quick fix in is work. After the payment, I clicked on his account and the page said “This page is no longer available”
Does it mean is account is deleted? What should I do now with the order?


Either the account was deleted, banned or the buyer may have blocked you.

Was it one of the sellers that gave you reviews in the last two days? :thinking: Because their accounts are still here.


Nono, I haven’t deliver the order yet because I’m scared that fiverr could take down my accout. I have 6 days to deliver

Why do you need to visit buyer’s page to deliver order?
Why are you scared in delivering order? There’s nothing to be scared as far as you are following fiverr’s guildlines !


Deliver the work as agreed, that way anything goes wrong then you have done everything you are supposed to. You can then contact CS if there are any issues with the buyer.


Okey, I’m gonna deliver of course the order. But if the account of the customer doesn’t exist anymore, how could he accepet the delivery? I have to wait three days so it autocomplete right?

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Yup! Just complete it and deliver it on time.

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Update: I delivered the order. Now I’m going to wait three days for the completion

Yes, and if there is a problem, for example the client has been removed from the site, you will be notified.

In addition to what others have said: it could be a temporary bug, or your customer could have been temporary banned until the situation is cleared up (whatever the situation may be).

Years ago, something similar happened to me, I’ve delivered the order, and everything went fine (the client even got back and marked the order as complete, so whatever happened to their account, it was temporary).


Just Wondering, Why Do you need to Update us? :thinking:

Because maybe someone is in the same situation as mine and may need help in future :ok_woman:


Besides the answer @asiapiazza, some of us are merely curious.