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The pandemic and my revenue (SOS)

I hardly get orders prior to the pandemic, so I started doing some menial jobs. Now things has really become worse, no menial jobs to do and no Fiverr orders coming. I would like this great community to provide me with useful TIPS that may help in generating orders.


And yet, begging is exact what you are doing.

Here’s my advice:

None of us, here on the forums, are likely to hire you. We are not your target customers. If you want sales, you need to be connecting with the people who need your services. They are the only people that will hire you. Research your target customers, figure out where they are located, and go to those places and convince them to hire you.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a high demand for resumes right now.



There are no tips. We all do what we can to make money. If there was any surefire way to get more orders on demand, I would be doing that instead of writing in the forums. There isn’t. And there’s no dignity in asking for “tips” in the forum either.

And btw, this doesn’t have to work for you. If you weren’t getting orders before, and you aren’t getting orders now, maybe you won’t get orders and that’s it. Not everyone will be successful here. It’s just the way it is.


I need Tips from you not orders. Thanks.

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Twist!!! (20 chars)


I have no orders with you. Nor would I need/want you to create my professional resume. :wink:

EDIT: (You edited the comment I responded to above, so…):

I already gave you plenty of tips. Were the tips I already shared not suitable for you?


I’m affected by this too! Even my chihuahua is pissed with me.

Probably I shouldn’t have tried to pity pimp him out so soon.

In either case, not begging for money but asking kindly for tips is still actually begging.

Sadly, there is no easy answer to your predicament. We are still at least a year away from mass civil uprisings and protests. In the interim, you might want to just try growing food, keeping chickens, and pimping any Chihuahuas you have at hand. (Just make sure they think it’s their idea or things might get akward.)


I need tips, if you can not provide any you can pass peacefully. Thanks.

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I was giving you tips by telling you to grow food.

That’s the best tip you will get considering that your own ingenuity stretches as far as begging for money from random people on the Internet.

No one can give you tips. No one knows what you do, who your target market is, or how the industry you work in is likely to fail or prevail because of the present world situation. It is YOUR job to asses and think about these things.


You have been given tips. I advise you to make use of them it you wish to build success for yourself here on Fiverr. I am neither going to give you a step-by-step manual, nor am I going to provide all of the “tips” you want. You are responsible for learning how Fiverr works, and for applying the advice you read – here on the forum, and in Fiverr’s already existing support materials. You can find links to those support materials at the bottom of any Fiverr site page. Please be willing to do your own research, instead of demanding that others provide you everything you want here on the forums.

A good seller takes responsibility for their own success, and listens to the advice they have already been given. Fiverr is hard work. I encourage you to get started, and build your success from the ground up – just like the rest of us.

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Thank you. I am know my responsibility already. I also know I have a right to seek knowledge from others. I have heard all you said, kindly pass.

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I am requesting for TIPS only, nothing more. If you can not provide any kindly pass. Thanks

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If it affects you, create a thread and say it. I am here to get knowledge on how to boost my gig sales, as I have tried all I know. If you don’t have any useful TIP kindly pass.

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why people who dont speak english correctly are offering writing services


I have heard from you. Can I hear from others?

I may have been typing in a hurry but your English isn’t any better.

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Don’t you see it? They haven’t got enough tips yet. Please pass on if you have no tips. We need tips, not an unnecessary discussion about all the logical reasons the OP might not have orders.


Nice thread. Love it.
They taaaakin our jooooobs


It’s going to be either “I was in a hurry typing this” or “I’m on the forum right now, I’m allowed to make mistakes”.

UPD: It’s the former.