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The pandemic and my revenue (SOS)

You can speak for everyone. I have gotten from someone already. Hopefully, I will get more.

what is wrong with this guy :))))

You should ask yourself same question.

Thank you for your tips.

read in zombie voice “tiiiiips… I need tiiiiiips…”

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Thank you for the TIP. I hope you get same whenever you seek a solution.

I know you want an easy solution but in reality you already know the answer :wink:

We keep telling people here that there is no “tips and tricks” to get orders on fiverr. There is no magic pill that we can recommend here to suddenly start receiving orders.

As in every business there is the same model here. People will buy from you if it’s 1. Something they need and there is a demand for your service 2. If they like your gig and it’s attractive enough for them to order it.
CV writing is in a bit of bubble right now. It might seem that so many people loosing jobs and they will need CV to be written but at the same time those are the people who can’t afford CV writing services anymore. And other part with jobs is sitting tight because no one is hiring in the middle of pandemic, you can’t even go for the interview and companies might be fined if they do interview someone. Only high priority job for essential services are hiring right now.

So the main thing for you to start is to make a read watch if there is a demand for your services, who’s your target audience and tailor your services for their needs. Which might even mean that your CV writing service wouldn’t be a CV writing anymore but will become let’s say a short stories writing etc.


Thank you for the insights you provided.

Everyone has provided you with a lot of tips.

The problem is that they aren’t telling you what you want to hear.

A tip isn’t: “Do this and orders will happen” because that’s not how business works. You don’t get sales for completing tasks. You get business for knowing your market and selling something they want that isn’t superfluous.


The truth is that I have gotten some tips here already. It is my choice to utilize the ones I consider relevant. Also, I see nothing wrong getting more opinions and ideas. THANKS.

Of course it is your choice.

It is also your choice to not be rude to people whose advice you don’t want to take.

You are mistaken if you think people will accept you asking for advice and then being rude to people who give it to you.

And no one succeeds in business with an attitude like that.

I do have some other advice but you won’t want to take it: Don’t make gigs in things you aren’t proficient in.

People don’t hire someone to write for them if that person can’t even write a sentence correctly. That would like me becoming an accountant even though I’m terrible at math. It doesn’t make sense.

Think about what buyers want, not what you want.

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I can not keep wondering how you arrive at some conclusions. Have great day. Thanks.

I know. It’s a total mystery why someone wouldn’t hire a writer who can’t write correctly or effectively. No idea why I would conclude that… So strange!


Thanks for your tip.

Since currently there is no demand for resumes I suggest you check other options:

  1. Search through Fiverr categories and see what interests you and what you feel you would love to work on
  2. Once you have a couple of options search for online free courses. Since online learning is experiencing a huge boom at the moment there are a lot of online free learning services, Youtube is not the greatest resource since you will have to search and pick, but if you have no credit card (which is required to sign up for free courses) you only have platforms such as Youtube to study from
  3. Look around you and see who is not suffering in all this economy crash, who continued to work, who has orders, who still has clients, is it construction, is it woodwork, is it arts and crafts, can you draw, can you take breathtaking photos of your country and nature or people?
  4. Can you write a blog about your life experience and desires, can you find a new approach to the future of your life and where is it going
  5. Can you fix something to your neighbors or help them while you are trying to develop your plans for the future? There is nothing more eye and mind-opening then working in a caritative environment
  6. What can you do that will improve others peoples life? What do people need? Is working online my only option?

And much more tips but start with the 6 above.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

I’m assuming that you’re a Nigerian like myself. When I started out here on Fiverr, I didn’t even know that a forum existed. However, I knew that the service I was about to offer was in demand and also relevant.

I can proudly say that I have built a successful career for myself here on Fiverr. There’s no shortcut to success. Like @jonbaas has stated, find your target customers and reach out to them.

Whatever tips that you’re given is based solely on experimentation. It might work for someone and may fail for you, because of several factors.

You can always do what I did. Reach out to your target audience outside Fiverr and drive traffic to your gig.


Thank you. I really appreciate it.

If you want success, figure out the price, then pay it. There is always what to sacrifice to get what you want. I learnt this great lessons from life. Though am yet to get my first Fiverr orders, I certainly know once i plug into doing the right things immeasurable success will come knocking. Have a great day and be great.

Thank you. I really appreciate your input.