The Passive Aggressive 3 & 1/2 star rating


I’m just venting here. It drives me crazy when a buyer throughout the gig says they love the work and communication; then gives you a ‘3 1/2 stars’ rating with a message like ‘Amazing Job!!’. What!? What happened? What changed? Your written review says 5 stars, but your stars say otherwise. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thank you for reading my vent lol.


My pet peeve is “great work!” – 4 1/2 stars

I usually mutter something under my breath at that point.


lol… it happens. i usually send a message asking them if they made a mistake. :slight_smile:


Lol. I also got that quite a bit. It do really confusing and contradict each other. Sometimes I want to ask the buyer and ask what happen, but in the end I just leave it be. :smiley:


I message the buyer.

If you only ever got 4.5 stars, your feedback would be 80% which, to most people, would be terrible.


Simple, give them a lower rating, might make them think twice about doing it again to someone else? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Customers usually don’t care about what you rate them lol


Sellers that get 4 stars and then review buyers with 5 drive me nuts. If they give you 4.5, give them 4. If they give you 3, give them 2 or 1.

When you reply, use this opportunity to explain what you did and why that buyer is being unjust.


I once had a buyer leave me a $5 tip, and then leave me a 3 1/2 star rating. When I asked him about it, he said something like, “Well, I was satisfied, so I picked ‘satisfied’ on the stars.” So, it was good enough to earn me a tip, but it wasn’t good enough to be “outstanding?”

This has always been and will continue to be a major flaw in the star rating system. The criteria still “confuses” buyers. They don’t understand why sellers are upset when those sellers are awarded with a 70% when they delivered exactly (or above) what was promised.


yeah they are so ignorant about rating sometime. They keep telling you how much they like your work and then rate you poorly. Even 1 or 2 ratings change the overall ratings drastically if you don’t have enough of those 5 stars.


I hope I never see this, I might get on a plane and ask questions in person lol. Sorry to hear that happened to you.


I’ve done that and this one guy couldnt figure out how to do it for the life of him. He was overjoyed by my video for him but gave an accidental 4.5 and couldnt fix it.


I’ve always favored the Thumbs UP/DOWN system over this rating stuff… Its been a problem for a while. Ever since it was implemented…


Yep… got one of those myself… it’s like really? In the review, I get “Underpromised and overdelivered. Thank you!” but a measly 3.5 stars. Sure, dock me on communication if you have to… Wish I had time to answer everybody’s orders but when you work 30 hours a week PLUS have a family to take care of, a FIL who needs assistance among other things, it’s lucky that I can get orders done on time…

With the information I had, there was no real reason to communicate with the buyer other than to say hi and thanks! For me, it’s just rude to say that, and don’t have time to hand-hold every single buyer! And, I shouldn’t be docked for timeframe because it was done 4 days before it was due AND they knew I had a 15-day timeframe. Can’t help I’ve got nothing but bulk orders in my queue,…


Rant’s over! Back to work…


Haha, no worries I feel your pain.


I did a job for a client even threw in free extras - went above and beyond. I got 4 star with what I wanted will recommend! like what? so annoying… Grr lol.