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The people I have bought gigs from do not respond to me


I have paid for 2 different people to write articles for me but after I made the orders they don’t even respond AT ALL.

They do not acknowlege that I made an order. They do not ask me what I want my articles be about. They don’t even send me an automated note saying that they will be getting back to me in a few days. They just ignore me.

Is this common?

Should I request a refund?

Or should I just wait?

How long should I wait?

What happens to my money if they do not deliver?

Is this how fiver works?

Are there a lot of scammers on here and you just have to weed through them?


It’s not common. You will likely have to wait 24 hours AFTER the gig is Past due and then you can force a refund.

To find article writers that are active, look for ones that have feedback in the past 24 hours.