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The perfectionist


For the past few months that I have been working on fiverr, I have always delivered quality work, however it is never really perfect due to the niche that I operate in at times its down to the professors opinion. Though I never score low. So recently I did some work for a seller and they never provided their expectations (not that it matters). When he scored 89/100 he gave me a 4 star rating and said that was the reason. Though not fair because they never used any revision which I provide for free. I think we should consider customer expectations before taking an order. Or did I just meet the perfectionist who expects 100/100. Which is not easy especially in an open essay.


You could mention in your gig description that the gig does not promise any certain grade.


I do offer quality work, but at times it’s down to the prof. Thank you. I will add on the 3rd party disclaimer clause.


Also, I think you’ve worded your gig as “essay and homework research” - you’re not actually doing it for them, so yes, the buyer should be expected to do some revision and work, otherwise when their exam comes, they’ll crash and burn.


No body is perfect and in your case it isn’t possible to get even close to 90’s. I am still wondering why he left 4 star review. 89/100 is an awesome score but for some people on 4 gpa matter not the hard work done by seller or someone.


True, they don’t know the long hours and sacrifices. But the world is dynamic anyway, we have to accept that getting 100% happy buyers is not easy. One or two might not like even the way you say, Hi. :smile:


There is also debate on how to greet the new visitors lolx. But indeed its true that its hard to satisfy customers 100% i always go on long run beyond the order limitations. Some even took my work for free in the beginning but with the passage of time we will learn and adopt the strategy. Anyway good luck with future.


Thank you. We just have to adapt.


Ready aim and execute the plan :slight_smile:


I guess you need to go back to school. Ha. I never understood why people pay for homework to be done. I mean, I get it in the sense of saving time, being lazy, not knowing the material, etc. But, it seems like risky business to do other people’s homework and unethical. I am a Teacher, so maybe I am biased. Curious what you think and why you do this?


Kindly refer to:

It’s like hiring an extra hour tutor. Nothing unethical about that.


I agree with this. Tutoring people is okay and I’m happy to help people understand what it is that they have to do if they actually do it. (I actually have an FAQ about that as I got a lot of requests for assignments). Students are the rudest customers anyway, as OP is finding.