The perils of being a writing seller on Fiverr


I’ve been selling for two months, and I love that Fiverr is an extra source of at home income. It’s great!

But since I got my level 1 rating, I’ve been SWARMED, and I mean that in every sense of the word, with fake profiles who order my basic article gig, then demand the extras, without ordering the actual extra.

Fine, no big deal. So I kindly send them a polite message, and explain the cost of the extra and ask if they would like to proceed with their order without the extra, or order it.

Then, nothing. Absolute silence. No response, so I’m left cancelling the order. Outside of these orders, I have only ever cancelled ONE order in my time on Fiverr, and that was because the buyer asked for something totally different to what my gig actually offered. My cancellation rate is now 10% of all orders cancelled, and my delivered on time rate is now 65%, due to Fiverr customer support asking me to wait for responses before they will cancel them, so the orders go late.

Basically, this has seen a TOTAL nose dive in my sales. I NEVER get new orders now, and all my orders are from my regular buyers. I’m actually really upset, because I worked so hard to build up my profile.

I’m guessing these fake profiles are signing up to get the free $5, making an order, then ditching the accounts. Some of them I can’t even contact because their profiles have already been deleted, but their orders stay active. I can’t cancel without going through customer support which then takes a hit on my cancellation rating, but if I leave them long enough and they go late, it takes a hit on my delivered on time rating.

Are any other Fiverr writers having this problem? I really hope its not just me. Customer support were helpful to begin with but now my messages to them go ignored…



Hi, I had the exact same problem recently - an influx of new buyers (probably scammers) asking for the same thing in the same way, over and over again. Some accounts were deleted/banned, and I had to get CS to cancel them. Others I asked for mutual cancellation, which doesn’t affect your rating.

It’s more likely that as you Level up, your gig is going to be in more competition with other buyers - I had the same happen when my writing gig went from ‘new arrival’ to getting reviews, and when I leveled up to level 2.

Delivered on time percentage doesn’t seem to have an affect on your rating, perhaps it might be a deciding factor in being made Top Rated Seller, but you have time to get it back to 100%.

I would suggest if you get anymore the same, to ask for mutal cancellation (if you can) and inform customer support.

I haven’t had any orders from those types of sellers for a few days or more now, so hopefully they’ve stopped!


Hello, I am a level one seller as well. If you have to cancel a gig, I suggest requesting a mutual cancellation to the buyer. That way you do not have to wait for fiverr to go through that process. If you and the buyer cannot come to an agreement, simply send them a polite message telling them it doesn’t seem to be working out etc. and then request a mutual cancellation. I have had to do this and my delivery rate has never dropped because the buyer either mutually cancels the gig, or it will just automatically cancelled in two days.
I hope that this was of some help to you. :slight_smile: