The person marked the work as delivered, but has not delivered


I have a custom order paid, and have not received the product.

He marked the job as finished duo to the due date, saying he was going to deliver it for me.

He is asking personal information to access personal account my hosting account. What to do?


Yes I agree request a modification which will prevent the system to mark the order as complete within 3 days. If the seller does it again, contact customer support and complain.

Best of luck !


You’re getting scammed. The seller promised you something that couldn’t be delivered in the time frame that was agreed, and is making an empty delivery in order to get around the delivery countdown. The Fiverr system will automatically mark the order as completed from your side within 3 calendar days, and after that happens the seller can technically take the money and run. You still have options available to you - complaining to customer support, for example, who’ll definitely take your side on this - or you can refuse to accept the order and send it back for modification which starts the clock running again. If the seller puts up a fuss, that’s a sure sign you’re getting taken for a ride and you should report the seller to customer support and request a refund on your order.