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The Poems i make


Hey Guys

I’m promoting my writing poems gig, I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I’m always told I’m quite gifted at it

Read a few of my samples and let me know what you think


Keep it beating the drum that you keep within

Hear the beat never done, no the light never dim

The thump thump I hear says I’m alive

But bump bump in fear I can’t trust my eyes

You keep it beating with your love so sweet

The rhythm of my life you’re like my heartbeat

Now I’m not an actor but when you’re around i act my best

When you’re not, please call the doctor Cuz I’m having cardiac arrest

Your kiss is my defibrillator and restores life just as quick

I need your love just like a drug and I’m an addict

Deep beneath all good intentions can you see my guile?

Can you tell my true thoughts hidden in my smile?

It’s hard to be patient, I’m dying from anticipation

It’s too bad when i take everything into consideration

Because good things comes to those who wait

and with goodness comes happiness and such is my fate

You have knocked me off the ground which is no ordinary feat

and without even making a sound you’ve become my heartbeat

The Heart Attack

The pain in my chest I’m breathing slowly with care

And as death manifests I grow colder out of fear

The terror of ignorance of what lies for me tomorrow

The pain stinging malignant in vain i cry in sorrow

I cling dearly to life and to the path that i had made

Intermittently my strife obscured, my vision fades

My heart beats ever so slowly counting to my doom

I collapse still clinging, all alone in this cold room

The time seems to slow down life starts to pass me by

Taking pride as i fall down promising myself not to cry

I gasp for breath, i wheeze, i cough no air it seems, is here

And as death shows its face i found myself overcoming the fear

And in the end when its all over, was my life worthwhile?

Life seems far and death seems closer so i solemnly lose my smile

This is no dream its no thought its really happening to me

As my life flashed by within my heart you’re the only faces i could see

Goodbye my love goodbye my friends i wished to stay with you longer

I’ve gone above, this is the end, take care and keep yourselves somber

What do you think guys?


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