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The "potential TOS Violations" are starting to irritate me

I keep trying to tell people that we have to communicate through fiverr, and the trust and safety team always needs to butt in…1Capture

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You’re a madman :slight_smile:

“Outside of fiverr” and “email” in the same sentence. Probably “trello” as well.

You’ll need to learn to get creative with synonyms and explaining things without naming them if you don’t want to trigger the bot and continue communication uninterrupted.


I get why I was flagged, but it’s just kinda irritating, guess I should just try and bypass it from now on.

Yes, it’d be safer this way. If it happens enough times, you’ll probably have to go to CS and explain the context and who needs that considering that their average response time is 7-10 days now (and they don’t like to read through messages).

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“… but Fiverr’s TOS only allows us to communicate through here”. There! :grin:


This is also my problem… :cry:

Probably even “talk” and “voice” as well! If I must mention email - which I do at times due to the nature of my gigs - I simply write e mail. That way you avoid a flag. As @lenasemenkova mentioned creativity is key.

In my case if a buyer is picky and there is need of word such words I use Fiver , P*ay, mail.
Try this in case if you want to explain someone.