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The power of saying, "NO!"


Great tips thank you


It’s crazy that there are individuals out there wanting free things. You never want to sell yourself short. I will basically tell my clients what I offer and if it isn’t enough then just move on. No need to try to negotiate with someone who is adamant about getting that sample from you.


In my experience, CS knows what’s up. If someone asks you for something beyond the scope of your gig, threatens you with a bad review - or heck, even leaves a bad review, as long as you did everything within the scope of your gig to help a buyer, they will take care of you.

Here’s a (slightly long) example:

I do a voiceover gig. That means narration. I recently had a buyer ask me to re-create the rap part of “Uptown Funk” with some custom lyrics. Not at all what I do - but I tried. He didn’t like it, and refused to cancel the order, so I called in a friend with a music gig who also tried. Buyer still didn’t like it. So I tried something else. Buyer still didn’t like it. All the while, I explained to the buyer - nicely - that what he was asking for was not the service I provide. After the third attempt, I once again kindly told the buyer that if he liked it, he could accept the delivery, and if not, I would like for him to cancel the order and get his money back. He straight up told me he was going to accept it and give a bad review. Which he promptly proceeded to do. In the review he said that I didn’t provide him with a voiceover. I opened a case with CS, who reviewed it, told me that I did everything right, offered to cancel and let him have his money back, even tried to provide a service I don’t provide, and that they were removing the negative review as it violated TOS.

TLDR: I went out of my way to help a buyer, buyer wasn’t happy but refused to cancel, threatened - and left - a bad review, CS took my side because I did everything I could to make it work.


Yes, Great Advice :slight_smile:


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thanks a lot :heart: