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The pre order refund question

Hi Everybody,
Good day and I hope everyone is doing good,

So I have been dealing with this situations a lot of times I just want to hear what you think about this situation.

So I start a chat with the client witch is interested in buying my gig the chat goes on good and then they drop the bomb usually goes like this “If I done like the designs can I get a refund” when I hear this question honestly I dont want to work with this client any more. Its not that I am afraid of my skill or I wont deliver but they put me in a stressful position and they are negative from the start witch is never good.

I do believe a lot of you have been asked this question how do you feel about it when it pops out in the chat?

Stay safe and have a great day

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When you’ve done the work and delivered it, you get paid.

Here’s what the TOS has to say about it:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


When you’ve done the work and delivered it, you get paid.

Well, from experience we all know that this is not the case most of the time if there is a cacellation dispute going on. Especially with the new “super-VIP-buyer” status this will be a lot of trouble.

I’d rather explain the user that you don’t offer refunds at all since you will be paid for your TIME and not (only) for the final product. If they continue to argue I would reject the potential client immediately.


You can say whatever you like. However, TOS trumps everything.


I do know that. I read them. I am around for about four years now, all I am saying is - don’t rely completely on the ToS. It is also against Terms of Service to insult sellers or buyers. I’ve been insulted multiple times now and guess what - if you’re a Top Buyer it doesn’t really matter. These guys are still around and they have a lot of freedom. There are multiple threads of sellers who were facing cancellations even though they provided exactly what their service promises. Customer Support often says to communicate with the buyer because even if you delivered what’s expected and the client just wants to get free work out of you, they won’t complete an order. And if that goes on too long and they contact the support, chances are high it gets cancelled. If I remember correct, there was a Top Rated Seller a couple of weeks ago who reported that his order was cancelled falsely. He won the case after insisting multiple times for CS to look into it and the proof and he luckily got a compensation in the end. So did the “buyer” because still support cancelled his order without warning even though the buyer was not in the right. However, not to mention the “clients” who pull off the Paypal Chargeback. ToS won’t help you in this case either.

Edit - that’s the thread I was talking about (just saw you posting in it about negative experiences as well):

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You’re right - things have changed since the new year. And from March it got worse. Now priorities are different, CS is drowning in newbie questions and buyers are well in front of sellers in the CS queue.

And it’s getting worse. For sellers.

However, sellers really need to protect themselves before an order is made - which is what the OP posted about. Any “buyer” who’s asking that kind of question needs to be referred to the terms of service. This serves two purposes - first, so that they are at least aware of TOS and second - probably more importantly - that the seller in question is no push over …

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If only that was the case. I have the impression we sellers know the TOS better than most CS agents. Sometimes I wish they would just removed some parts of it and say that the decision would be made on a case by case basis, at least it would be honest from their part.